How to Find Business Building Coaches

You find business building coaches in two ways.

1 - Through challengers!  Previous challengers who have seen success and want to pay it forward.

1 - By TALKING about the business!

I've been watching a lot of the posts from the coaches on this team and I feel, generally speaking, this team needs to talk more about the business on Facebook and social media!  Don't forget your Beachbody posts should be geared in two different ways

1 - Aimed for your future challengers.

And 2 - Aimed for future COACHES!

There are SO many people out there who are wondering what you're doing, or people who are SEARCHING for something they can do from home to earn some extra cash flow.

I hope you guys can see on my page that I DO talk about the business.  And because I talk about the business, I find lots of coaches that FROM THE START want to build a business.

And you don't have to wait until you've been in this business a certain amount of time to be able to talk about the business!! I was going to the pages of some recent diamonds on different teams looking for clues (because success leaves clues), and noticed some key things about their pages. This one coach went diamond in 22 days. And I noticed she had SEVERAL posts advertising the business even though she had been in a WEEK. She just piggy backed off her upline!

She basically said, "my upline is doing a coach bootcamp, and it's the SAME bootcamp I've been in and I've learned _____. It's helped me a ton to get started off KNOWING what to do. And my coach is starting a new bootcamp next week and I get to add a few coaches! If you're interested apply here."

You guys can ALL host coach bootcamps and just use the coach basics info in the back office.  Or partner up with someone and host one together!

And keep in mind you can ALL piggy back off your upline, or ME.   You all can tell people that your upline is in the top %1 in the entire company out of 240,000 coaches. That means THIS TEAM is outperforming ALL those other teams. So you HAVE the tools for success, talk about them! Let people know you have access to all the tools for success. The majority of the people in this business have NO UPLINE helping them. Anyone who joins your team would be LUCKY to join you and be a part of this team.

Just another reason I think the applications are good, because they have to apply to be with YOU. And it makes them feel more official and creates that sense that they are applying for the opportunity to be on your team, not you begging people to work with you.

One trend I noticed (remember success leaves clues) is that everyone makes people apply, I do the same thing! Just use this website to create an application. you can enter in that HTML and put it on a blogspot, or a google doc. Even if you're not building a blog, you can create a free website through and even just have ONE post there for this. I've noticed Shiva Latify has a blog, and it's ONE FREAKIN PAGE, a challenge group invitation application. haha. You can do the same thing.

Now, here are some links to a few facebook posts to go check out of people TALKING about the business. Go check these out, skim over them, and come up with something similar for your page! And the last few are from Brandi Botts. She's in the TOP TEN, and notice how she's doing a post like this basically weekly!! And Lindsay Matway's examples I posted here as well, same thing - all posted within a few weeks. No wonder both Brandi Botts and Lindsay Matway have been on the leaderboard for top recruiter.

Examples Of Business Posts

**SO to sum this up - talk about the business, and talk about coaching training bootcamps, and host coach opportunity webinars. These are great tools that ANYONE on this team can use.