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Financial Freedom and Breaking the Corporate Handcuffs

If you have a big PHAT Corporate career where you have been "handcuffed" to the great pay and all the benefits, I can TOTALLY relate! I worked as a pharmaceutical rep for MANY years and the benefits DON'T get much sweeter. I had a great salary, nice bonus incentive, free shiny new car, unlimited fuel allowance, and amazing health insurance. What I did't have was, FREEDOM or PASSION.

I worked out of fear. Fear that I had to continue to produce record sales numbers, quarter after quarter, or lose my job. Fear that I would be laid off due to downsizing or mergers. Fear that the FDA would change regulations making my job obsolete. My life was micro-managed. I don't like to be told how many vacation days I can have a year and what days and evenings I must work.

Nor did I have PASSION. Seeing diabetic patients in waiting rooms suffering from amputations, blindness, and on dialysis, waiting to be seen for one of their many medications was REAL. There are millions of people that live that life, daily. I felt sad and helpless to really make a difference in their lives. I vividly remember looking into one lady's eyes and thinking, "I am sorry I am too late to help you. I wish I could free you of this disease." You see, I was promoting a lifestyle of medications on the BACK end of diabetes. I promoted symptom relief. What IF a place existed for me where I could be on the FRONT end of obesity? A place where I can promote PREVENTION? Sure there were gyms and hospitals where I could help but how will I ever afford to give up the lifestyle this job affords me?

One day, I had had enough. I resigned. I was pregnant with my third baby at 37 and knew that I was not going to miss out on his infancy, as I did with my daughters for a job I had no passion for. I was ready to be PRESENT in my family's life and make a difference in the world....somehow. I gave the ENTIRE corporate package up for my freedom. Isn't it ironic, we either have time or money, but rarely BOTH. For two years I had a LOT of time, but was now broke.

I believe God puts us in situations to make us wiser, to remind us to appreciate our blessings and follow our hearts. I have FOUND my home with Beachbody. I could not have scripted a more PERFECT life for myself. I am on the FRONT end of disease. I spend my days at HOME, celebrating stories of HEALTH and empowering people to get their LIFE QUALITY back. I get letters from people THANKING me, for helping them finally get OFF their medications. I have a TEAM of my own coaches that share the desire to help better themselves and others. I have both FREEDOM and PASSION.

This week is a HUGE rite of passage for me. With Beachbody, all coaches start at ground ZERO. We have no team and no clients on day one. Our destiny is ours to create. After 22 months my income has officially PASSED my highest paid year with pharmaceuticals. That income INCLUDES adding in the dollar value of all those fancy benefits.

I remember thinking I would NEVER find a place where I could duplicate my corporate earnings. I remember praying that I'd find a career I was PASSIONATE about. I remember LONGING to be on the front end of disease, helping people get BETTER and not STAY SICK. I remember feeling depleted and DREAMING that I find a place where I could have both TIME and MONEY. I've never in my life felt more fulfilled with what I do for people. I often pinch myself that this is REAL. This company is REAL and it's founders beliefs and integrity completely align with my own. Thank you, to Beachbody's CEO, Carl Daikeler for creating this AMAZING company. Thank you to Darien Olien and Isabelle Daikeler for creating nutritional products I can BELIEVE in. Thank you to my friend, Lindsay Matway, for introducing me to, blazing the trail in and showing what is truly possible with Beachbody.

I want you to know that if you are not completely fulfilled, that there IS a better life for you. But, you must to be willing to CREATE it. Find your passion, what ever it may be. Find what SPEAKS to you, and follow your heart. When it comes to work, if you are living your passion, you are already RICH. When you can financially afford to live your life as you desire, you are BLESSED. Beachbody hasn't always been smooth sailing for me. But I always believed in myself and saw the BIG picture. Most everyone on my team works their Beachbody business "on the side" in combination with their day job. Some of them have already resigned from their day jobs, too Most of all, they are fulfilled. If you share our same passion and my story resonates at all with you, consider asking what this is all about. It may just be EXACTLY what you are looking for. <3