Are You being "Energy Efficient"?  Ways to keep your life SIMPLE.

Energy Suckers
Energy Suckers

Are YOU energy being efficient? If you have an appliance that sucks a TON of energy, that rarely (if ever) provides any value, and needs a lot of maintenance and attention, what do you do?

Do you keep it around hoping that "one day" you may have a need for it or it will "get better"? Do you keep giving it your energy and maintaining it, even though it doesnt make your life any easier or have any use. If you dont maintain it, does it just get louder and louder? How much energy do you give before you decide to RECYCLE? How long does it usually take for you to make room on your counter for something useful and energy efficient?

I'm sure that you are clever and see my metaphor. Yes- Im referring to PEOPLE. There are some that will endlessly drain your time, play needy, and offer excuses for why everything isnt right. They have little regard to how YOU are doing. Its always about THEM. When you offer solutions, do they actually (ever) take action or do they do nothing (because that would mean eliminating something to complain about). Energy suckers usually dont even realize they are not making any deposits or adding value to YOUR life. Why? Because they are too busy, SUCKING.

I am innately a "healer". Learning to RECYCLE was a hard lesson for me as a health coach in the beginning. The "boundary" part of this business (and life) I have had to learn. I see potential in EVERYONE. I want everyone to have the lifestyle of their dreams, to work freely from home and getting financially rewarded out of helping others. I want everyone to be happy and fulfilled in their relationships.

But, not everyone truly WANTS help. They want ATTENTION. My attention. Any attention. And the more they want, the more Id give and the more they'd take. It's an ongoing draining cycle. Its only been the past year or so that Ive learned to spot these energy-sucking appliances early on. They text at all hours. They "need" constantly. They never ask, "Hey how are YOU doing". They rarely say "Thank You". How do you know the difference in energy suckers and people wanting to learn from you?

ACTION. People that want your attention will take action in applying solutions. They show PROGRESS in their health, business, relationships and lives. THAT'S the difference.

I truly believe that people mean well. I believe human behavior is motivated by reward. Energy suckers THRIVE off getting attention, both positive and negative.

You only have so much to give. At least I do! I have a husband (that bless his heart sometimes gets the very last bit of me that's leftover), three children with science projects, colds, activities and all the typical things children need, parents that I love dearly that I dont spend enough time with, friends that enrich my life, care about my well being and give positive energy BACK into my heart and soul, customers that have put their health in my hands that are willing to show up every day and do the hard work and a HUGE team of coaches that have the same dream and are (truly) committed to building a successful business. Can I spend time with every single one? No. And neither can you.

Recycling is about letting go of someone and releasing their energy go fill another space. Just not YOURS. Your time is valuable and you cant please everyone. If you're like me, you barely get around to everyone. If there are people in your life that continue drain your energy- time and time again, and yet they dont take ACTION, know that it's time to RECYCLE. You may not need to fully recycle them. Maybe just put them away in pantry for a while or until the holiday season, when you HAVE to bring them out. In my experience, when you create boundaries, initially expect them make even MORE noise, but trust me, they eventually do go away and find someone else to drain.

My take away message to being "Energy Efficient" is this: Only keep appliances on your counter that add value to your life, are progressive and are energy efficient. It keeps more costs down than your just power bill

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