Employee vs Leader Mindset Today I want to share a little bit about THE DIFFERENCE between an EMPLOYEE MINDSET VS the mindset of a LEADER. {HEADS UP, this is a long one, but if you want to be a GREAT LEADER, you need to read on!}

As children, we have our parents and teachers who lay out what we are supposed to do and HOW we are supposed to do it… They reprimand us if we do not follow specific directions and reward us when we obey.

As adults, most times we begin our careers in entry-level jobs where we are responsible for mundane tasks, training only takes but a few days… and we once again have someone over our shoulders, telling us WHAT to do and HOW to do it…

As you advance in your career and get good at doing what you are told, they promote you and you get to tell OTHERS below YOU what to do and how to do it (mind you, you still have a BOSS above you… so don't worry, they won't make you think for yourself too much…)

I think sometimes it's this assembly line and/or chain of commands that makes us forget just how BRILLIANT we are! That we each have God given skills, talents and abilities that others do not! That to succeed beyond status quo we have to learn to not only think for ourselves, but also think OUTSIDE the box! That if you want something in life, you don't wait around for someone to TELL YOU how to get it… You just TAKE ACTION and fail your way to it! YES! I said FAIL --- Fall on your face! Make MISTAKES! LEARN as you GO!

Ask ANY successful person… any ENTREPRENEUR how he got to where he is today… and he will tell you he FAILED FORWARD and LEARNED from his mistakes along the way! You see, when you dare to do something outside the box… something maybe no one else has ever done… You will make wrong steps! I have made PLENTY in my journey from a new coach with no business experience or upline help to now the top coach in the company.

Did it frustrate me at times? ABSOLUTELY!

Did I question if I was cut out for this business? OF COURSE!

Did I play the "WHY ME" card when I saw other coaches with GREAT mentors? Yep.

But --- I realized somewhere along the way that the ONLY thing that was holding me back from succeeding WAS that EMPLOYEE MINDSET --- That mindset that says, "I can't do it because no one is telling me HOW!" That mindset that says, "Well, if only I had this… or I had THAT, I'd be successful too."

Here is the TRUTH: The only thing that is holding you back… IS YOU!

You want something, you've gotta stop with the whining, the procrastinating, the thinking, the planning, the regretting, the ifs ands or buts… and DO SOMETHING about it! Where there seems there is no way… YOU MAKE A WAY!

Action steps:

#1 - Find someone who has done what you want to do, achieved what you want to achieve and STALK THEM! (No, don't harass them and try and take up their time… simply WATCH what they do. What makes them interesting, intriguing, successful? If you watch long enough you will see a pattern! SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES!

#2 - Get outside of your comfort zone! If you wake up and don't get butterflies about what you have to do that day… you are no longer challenging yourself… which means you are NO LONGER GROWING! If you are no longer growing… you are dying in my opinion.

#3 - BE CLEAR about what you want and WHY you want it --- and then get FOCUSED! (LASER FOCUSED!) Think of your mind as a magnifying glass… You can aim it at your problems and it will only make them bigger… or you can focus it at your goals and when held just right, you can BURN right through them!

SNAP OUT OF IT and be your OWN boss! You make the rules, you take the action, you determine the results!

When you step into THOSE SHOES, you become a LEADER and others are inspired by your conviction and follow suit! THAT is how you build a team. That is how you create momentum and THAT is how you change not only YOUR life, but the lives of countless others!

I KNOW that YOU know you are meant for something MORE!


PS - The answers are ALL out there… and GOOGLE is your friend!

Seay Stanford
Seay Stanford

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