Beachbody Trips
Beachbody Trips

Earning a Free Cruise with Beachbody << TEAR JERKER POST >> The ability to change someones life is a POWERFUL thing.

Literally in August, Becky Hilty became a Beachbody coach solely for the product discount. And now, she and her husband Brian Hilty just SIX MONTHS LATER are packing to go on their very FIRST vacation together in EIGHT YEARS!

Becky being a teacher/basketball coach and Brian being a firefighter (working at several departments) both would pick up extra side jobs to support their three children and make ends meet. Becky would even clean people's houses on the weekends to earn money to afford her Shakeology. Needless to say, having "extra" money to go on vacation has never happened for this family. Not even enough extra for the TWO of them to afford a HONEYMOON.

I am sooo EXCITED to say that they will be spending the next few weeks PACKING to go on a FOUR DAY CRUISE, on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas!!! This gorgeous ship has been completely booked just for Beachbody and their most successful coaches! Did I mention that this luxury cruise vacation will be COMPLETELY FREE for Becky and Brian?!!! All because Becky helped others live healthier lives in the last six months of her life?!!!

Becky and Brian are not at the financial freedom part of their journey with Beachbody, YET. But never in their wildest dreams did the day Becky joined as a "discount coach" in August, would she have realized how MUCH that small decision would completely change her families life.

Becky, I am soooo INSPIRED by you and what you have accomplished with such heartfelt dedication. I am PROUD of you and your gutsy-positive can-do genuine attitude. Our team is better because of YOU. I am very HAPPY-TEARFUL that you guys are FINALLY GETTING GO ON YOUR HONEYMOON!!!

Changing People's Lives for the BETTER, is what we do  <3

PS: In working on getting those passports remember they last TEN years- thank goodness, because you and Brian will be traveling A LOT from now on!!!