Consider this......

If you earn the average house hold income of $53,000/ year (or less) you LITERALLY have NOTHING to lose by building a Beachbody Business BUT.....

If you earn OVER 100,000k a year in income, especially if you are the SOLE or PRIMARY household provider you have EVERYTHING to lose by not building a Beachbody business. Here’s what my FIFTEEN six-figure corporate America earners on my very own team REALIZE that you may not......

Six figure careers are not easy to come by. Nor are they easy to replace if you lose one. All of these coaches on my team have AMAZING resumes, accolades and experience just like you. But- they also know that even with all that experience that there are many 20 something year old college grads that are MORE THAN WILLING to work for WAY LESS MONEY than you and far LONGER HOURS than you. And if you are middle-age and nearer to retirement, your chances of being hired may even less.

Do you REALLY think you have “job security” and your career is “safe”? The reality is that no one is safe from layoffs, buy outs, corporate take overs, downsizing and plain old getting the “axe”.

Unless you are living WELL BELOW your means and have a HEFTY retirement and savings, how long would you be able to pay your current bills? A lower-income job is much easier to replace than a six figure one. Would downsizing to a 50k / year job cover all of your expenses and if so, for how long?

Freedom. You cant put a price on this baby. I was one of those people that after 20 years working for big corporate companies, I grew to despise working under someones else’s thumb. But, other than secretly interviewing for yet ANOTHER corporate job, really, what was I going to accomplish by switching companies? I lose seniority among other things and for what real gain? The grass usually isn’t greener.

What these fifteen coaches REALIZE is that they need to exercise and live healthy ANYWAY. Because duh--- who doesn’t? So why not build a financial NEST EGG in the process? Then, if the most unfortunate financial situation happens, it will not hit them as hard as it would most people. Some of my middle-age coaches are already debt free, so ALL their Beachbody income is being invested into their RETIREMENT. Some of the younger coaches have already become debt free because of Beachbody.

And some of us have EXCEEDED our corporate income and have been able to WALK AWAY from those Golden Handcuffs and design our life of FREEDOM. Personally, I am earning FOUR TIMES my highest paid year as a specialty pharmaceutical sales representative. My entire family is going to live in Europe for three months this winter. Most people bound to a corporate life do not have that kind of freedom.

So whether you LOVE your current high salary job or not, wouldn’t it make SMART financial sense to build a secondary income? Again, if you are earning what the average American does, sure its not fun, but it is easier to replace your job and income and you have nothing to lose by doing Beachbody on the side. But if you are earning over 100k, realize that you are HIGHLY VULNERABLE and your income may not be easily replaced. You have EVERYTHING to lose by NOT joining my team of corporate professionals and building your financial security on the side. It’s just SMARTER.

Let me introduce you to some of my TEAM REFINERY Corporate Professional Coaches:

Tito: 29 Pharmacist Pattie: 52 Senior Account Executive Rep: Florida market Judie: 47 Unit Mortgage Manager- Banking Chris: 42 Regional Account Executive: Central Western US Yvette: 43 Cardiac Care Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist Stephanie: 32 Dentist Amanda: 33 Major Account Executive Rep Christina: 36 Legal Nurse and Supervisor at a Long Term Care Facility Jaclyn: 31 Financial Advisor Tracy: 41 Executive Neuroscience Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Kerstin: 47 Lockhead Martin Subcontract Manager Linda: 53 IT Specialist Mark: 44 Government Cindy: 39 Contracting Industry Seay: Former Senior Pharmaceutical Pain Management, Diabetes and Depression Sales Rep, Now 11 Star 2xElite Beachbody Coach

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Career six figure Seay Stanford
Career six figure Seay Stanford