Dr Oz, Food Babe and Greenberry Shakeology MONEY and PUBLICITY.

When I promoted pharmaceutical products that was the root of most mudslinging.  To earn money or to gain publicity.

Dr. Oz, to be honest I used to LOVE him.  That was until a few years ago when his PRODUCERS took over and told him what and who he was to endorse and promote to boost network ratings.  The products Ive seen that "doctor" endorse over the past few years solidifies that his intentions are not for consumer health and the awareness is jaded.  Here is an article where it was shown that he dispenses his opinion and medical advice with no scientific grounding:

Speaking of consumer awareness, lets examine Consumer Labs (not to be confused with Consumer Reports).

First off Consumer Labs claims to be an industry watchdog, when in fact the commonly strong arm manufacturers to gain their approval and when they don't pay, they publish negative reports. You can find proof of that here:

Secondly Consumer Labs says that in their findings Greenberry has 12.7 mcg's of lead per serving. The FDA's Provisional Total Tolerable Intake Level (PTTIL) is 75 mcg's/day for an adult and it isn't known to cause any health risks until 650 mcg's/day. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is largely considered to be the world's leading authority on food safety has set their tolerable levels at .5mcg/kg of body weight.

This article that TOTALLY discredits Consumer Labs and their "studies". They basically blackmail companies. Pay them for a favorable review or they will bash your product.

But lets get to the issues addressed.

The Lead report was based on a Consumer Labs study in June of 2013 which analyzed a prior version (the Greenberry was revised in 2013.  There has not been any new studies by Consumer Labs on the new formula, since) of Greenberry Shakeology.  As part of it is continuous drive to always improve its products, Beachbody had already updated its Greenberry Shakeology formula prior to Consumer Labs even conducting its study. The current formula greatly improves many of the benefits of Shakeology, and also greatly reduced all of the naturally occurring heavy metals. Beachbody never has and never would add any heavy metals in creating its supplements.

As we have pointed out, lead and other heavy metals that are naturally occurring are found in the earth’s soil, its oceans, rainwater and its air and have been present since the earth was created. A glass of Shakeology has far less lead than a serving of organic spinach or Brussels sprouts, and in fact, you could drink 15 glasses of Shakeology a day and still be under the guidelines established by the FDA and World Health Organization. The safety of Beachbody’s products and health of our customers are our highest priority and we are extremely proud of Shakeology and how it is helping countless people look and feel better every single day.


I DO appreciate how she's trying to get some companies to stand behind their claims about what's in their products, I just think she goes way over the top with stuff like the food policing of other people's food choices. That's never okay.   Personally, I feel she leads her march by spreading public FEAR and not promoting AWARENESS.  It seems, gum chewers, beer drinkers, all kinds of people are going to hell according to this blogger.  Also, Trader Joe's is now off limits according to her.

Look, Im sure she's nice in person. But I definitely think she's orthorexic.

Every week she declares something evil with her dubious "research", but women like this always seem to get a pass because they are thin and pose with fake glasses.  They are especially insufferable when they have no job, are high(er) income, and apparently have nothing better to do than finger wag  at everyone else.  Lets face it, she doesn't even have any credentials in nutrition.

What are her intentions?  To increase her blog following and publicity.  She got national TV media attention for her post on Subway.  She is getting her post shared by thousands over this, and its not even accurate.  And she certainly implies conclusions without facts.  But lets address her implications anyway because Im THAT confident.

As far as Shakeology not being "certified organic" as she does mention, it IS and ISNT.  But what would it mean to have the certification and does it change the quality of the product integrity? No.

Shakeology IS harvested from an ORGANIC source. But if someone is asking that, they may then ask why its not "certified organic." So know the record, everything in Shakeology IS absolutely organic, from start to finish. However, to CERTIFY the over 70 ingredients in Shakeology organic individually (the difference is that you are paying a very dear price for that 'Certified Organic" label) it would literally jack the price of Shakeology to that near of a small monthly mortgage. Darin and Isabelle as well as Beachbody,  have put farmers, the crops, the import process and the manufacturing procedures to the highest of organic standards.

But, it would truly be unrealistic to certify all 70 ingredients and keep Shakeology at a price we could afford. Additionally, as an after note, even something is certified, doesn't necessarily guarantee that all of it is.  Its based on a percentage.

So why spend ALL the extra money for the label? Does the label really add value to the product? No.

Look at the extent Beachbody goes through just to get a quality organic VANILLA BEAN, that they could just as easily purchase a cheaper alternative here in the United States.  Or, do what most "shake" companies do and toss in artificial vanilla bean flavor.

 Money, Power and Integrity.  I think it is wise to always look a bit deeper at peoples INTENTIONS.  Is Shakeology a PERFECT product?  No.  What would be perfect would be to make it YOURSELF with the 70 ingredients you juiced that day, assuming you knew exactly where the ingredients came from.  The bottom line is that it is the EASIEST and most AFFORDABLE option to getting ideal daily nutrition in your body.  It has more integrity at a fair price than any product Ive personally researched.  The truth speaks in the health of my clients and customers that drink it and show both subjective and measurable health benefits.

I drink Shakeolgoy everyday because I would not be able to duplicate it's ingredients at an affordable price.  There will always be media and competitors that want to dim that light for their own publicity and gain.  I embrace the challenge, because it gives me a bigger platform to share my belief, research and facts  in the integrity of Shakeology.

Cheers to your day...bottoms up with my Greenberry <3

Greenberry Shakeology
Greenberry Shakeology

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