What is Pyramid Schemes
What is Pyramid Schemes

DON'T join Pyramid Schemes!  (Yeah I TOTALLY used to believe this!) It took me a YEAR to join Beachbody because (I thought) it was a "pyramid scheme". "As IF" I even understood the difference between that term and network marketing. I'm an introvert, so all the very obnoxious extrovert-types hounding me to "join their business' totally felt icky to me and made me have this awful taste about the entire business model. The truth is, the people that do the BEST in Beachbody, are the more quiet ones that actually LISTEN to peoples needs. Another truth is, Beachbody is SOOOO different than the "old school" Amway perception we grew up with. Here's HOW:

1) I get paid and earn NOTHING when a coach joins my team. I could sign up 100 people and Id still earn $0. I get paid when my team is successful, period.

2) I did Mary Kay 20 years ago and it cost me a $1000 to have inventory on hand for people. Not with Beachbody. I dont have to buy, keep or ship anything. Nor do I have to do "home parties". Ugh- dont you HATE those because you feel OBLIGATED to go and buy stuff

3) There are no monthly quotas and no pressure. My mom, shes a coach solely for the 25% discount. She probably doesnt even know how to log into her Beachbody account. And that's totally cool True, your not going to earn six figures if your just using the discount. But the choice is yours.

4) I can, and have financially passed hundreds of people that joined Beachbody long before me. Your success is not about WHEN you join, is WHAT you do with it.

5) This is whats socially acceptable: People spending thousands on franchises. People spending thousands on school and doing it part time for YEARS, with no income guarantee for their efforts. People working for YEARS for someone else (like I did), waiting for that rare promotion to open up and praying for a 2% annual raise and a certain number of days off a year. People starting their own business (like my husband) and are lucky to be in the green after several years of intense work and often times hefty start up loans. The irony is ALL THAT IS socially acceptable...but network marketing ISNT?!

I feel like Im one of the lucky ones that finally "got it". I joined this business for $40. I now earn DOUBLE than the highest check Ive ever made in my "safe" corporate job. Is this a "risk"? Not by this girls standards! I've been in all those other type jobs before and corporate is the one that's more "schemey" to me than anything! School, franchises and small business owners are the ones that are "risky" to me. Even DOCTORS- that noble and acceptable. They dont make nearly what they used to. They work LONG hours and their pay depends on a managed care system. Most have thousands of dollars in medical school loans and then STILL have to carry expensive malpractice insurance on top of that. That's just ONE example.

Beachbody is the NEW GENERATION of network marketing. Its not the OLD GENERATION of network marketing you saw your parents complain about. Ive chosen Beachbody not because its the 69th fastest growing company in America. I chose it because I am COMPLETELY PASSIONATE about the products and how they have changed my life. I endorse these products just like a Id endorse a restaurant I loved.

I used to CRINGE when I thought of pyramid schemes and all the negativity that goes with it. I promise- its NOT at ALL what your perception is. Its been the GREATEST blessing and business to me. This business has changed my life forever. I finally have FREEDOM. As I share this message with you Im sitting by my pool in my slippers <-- I totally DIG "working" like that! Beachbody is the best $40 investment Ive EVERRRR spent and Im so grateful that I FINALLY opened my (once) closed mind to this "scheme" two years ago. <3

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