The Three Vital Behaviors At Beachbody® we know the secret to success! It’s simple: follow the 3 Vital Behaviors EVERY DAY.

1. INVITE. INVITE. INVITE.  Invite to be a friend first. Invite to your general health Facebook or free Fit Club page. Invite to your Challenge Group. Watch this short video about inviting. All it takes is talking to people with the intent of CONNECTING with them. Use the 5-Step Invitation Guide and follow the 5 steps to invite to a Challenge Group. The 5-Step Invitation Guide gives you a proven step-by-step process to invite and fill your Challenge Group spots.

2. Be Proof the Products Work. You can’t expect someone to join a Challenge Group if you’re not in one yourself. You don’t have to have an amazing transformation story; you just need to be on your journey.  Are you drinking your Shakeo everyday?  What program are you doing?

3. Personal Development. To improve your business you need to improve yourself. Get started with reading The Compound Effect every day. What page are you on?

What does it mean to "Invite":

Print out the 3 Vital Behaviors PDF that is found in the Coach Online Office and post it near your workstation or desk. 

There are 3 VITAL BEHAVIORS in this business.

1) Be proof the products work. 2) WORK ON YOU. 3) INVITE, INVITE, INVITE! (Concerning the business & our products.)

Vital…do you know what vital means? Vital means critical to survival, absolutely necessary; essential. They are not OPTIONAL if you want to be successful in this business. They are VITAL.

So if you are working this business with limited time, you may not be able to have a thriving blog, a fancy website, or a killer logo…..because you need to be concerning yourself with the behaviors that are VITAL to the health & growth of your business.

Imagine this….let's say you busted your booty to send your kids to private school. That was your dream. You just KNEW if they went to this school that it would change their academic path forever. But….in all of your efforts & concern around private school, you forgot to feed them…and in your budget, you didn't factor in groceries.

Who cares how awesome your kids school is if you can't feed them?! They will DIE without FOOD! Private school is nice. It's a perk. But they can live without it.

So at the beginning of each business day, BEGIN with the activities that are VITAL to your business (aka - the groceries.) And when those tasks are done, you can spend time building toward the bells & whistles (private school.)

Make sense? You with me?! Make it an awesome day!