This CAN BE your business.  This investment CAN have you earning well beyond six figures.  Is there anything you have going on in your life that can provide that for your family?  The time frame is up to YOU.  Coaches have hit 8,400/ month in little as 14-24 months.  It can take much longer depending on YOUR pace and the sacrifices you are willing to make along the way.   (It took me 21 months.)  As long as you are willing to forever continue the 3 vital behaviors and show up, it can provide some income for you.  I can tell you all I've watched Scottie Hobbs build this business from when he and I were

Seay Stanford Top Coach
Seay Stanford Top Coach

new coaches. I remember getting the call from him (we were Success Partners) that he was finally "firing his boss" to become a Full Time coach.   Since then, he has hit the millionaires club, a top ten coach and is completely debt free.  I am living in England with my family and traveling Europe for three months....BECAUSE WE CAN.   Where are you going to get that kind of FREEDOM?   Our journeys are the real deal and we have sacrificed.   I made sacrifices in my first two years as a coach because I refused to go back to a corporate job. I had a much higher income to replace since I was already had previously been earning six figures and had the bills to go with it.   EVERYONE is busy.  No one is going to clear your schedule so you can blissfully work Beachbody uninterrupted by life.  It CAN be done. This life IS worth it. The Freedom is unbelievable. Some of the newest coaches in this business are growing even FASTER than Scottie and I have because they are learning from LEADERS. How? 

They are shortening their time frame and learning curve by soaking it all in and following success closely . There were no Coach Camps, Zoom calls and barely a "getting started right" system in place when Scottie and I started in 2011. We had hardly ANY of the resources you all have available now. Maybe because of that, I can say, that I do NOT (or ever have) missed an opportunity to learn from my sponsor Lindsay or other top coaches. If they are offering advice or their time, I FREAKING TAKE it. If they are suggesting a video to watch, I WATCH it because they endorsed it.  When I get his / her time, I dont WASTE it.  I come prepared and leave with action.

I watch and read LOADS of things all day long while you all are working. If I post something, trust me the message is WORTH it. Ive already preselected and sorted through all the online and available content and found the valuable ones, already FOR YOU. It does surprise me that I offer my time, hand and resources as often as I do, and coaches that SAY "they want personal or financial freedom" dont show up. They dont watch what I suggest and pass on the opportunities I offer them. Most of all, my undivided TIME.   Time Im offering away from my own personal life, obligations and family, to benefit THEM.

EVERY coach in this group is well capable of being millionaires in 5-7 years.   No BULL SHIT.  Ive seen people PASS ME that just started a year ago !!  And with that income also comes with FREEDOM.  Maybe that is something you want for your future, maybe not.  But the opportunity is there, if you want it.    Its all about how MUCH you want it. What are you willing to do and what are you REALLY willing to do.    15min.