MISTAKES NEW COACHES MAKE: 1) not spending enough focus building the relationship FIRST.

2) Posting links in statuses or in message too quickly

3) Going thru a convo in comments instead of immediately moving to PM when someone shows interest.

4) telling them to buy wout asking enough questions or having enough reasons & research as to WHY that's best for them

5) Not knowing enough or willing to do research as to HOW the products work/WHY they're needed

6) Promoting ONLY BB. I personally like some other branded products still & talk about it bc it's real, gains trust & integrity & is for things that don't hurt my biz. That client/coach trust goes a looong way in loyalty.


Planning Your Social Media Posts:

As a coach, your STORY will sell more than your KNOWLEDGE. You don't have to be an expert. Just show you are relatable and share your struggle.

This is a script (you'll want to change the wording to sound like you) that you can post on your time line after sharing a small story about YOU, inviting others to join you. You will be an apprentice in my challenge group until you are ready to run your own.. Your customer will buy a challenge pack from you, then Ill add you both to my group.

If you have not yet "come out of the BB closet" then skip this step.

"Ah!!! Im really excited! I just got selected to be an apprentice coach in my coach, _______ next online fitness challenge! The same challenge that has helped me (describe your story/ journey). I was also told that I can select TWO people to do the challenge along with me!!!! If you think it might be something you are interested in and would like to be considered..."LIKE" or comment below and I will shoot you over the details! HURRY though, I only have four days to choose!"

From there: use (your fitness program of choice) DAILY.  Twice a week, after your workout, post a pic of you on FB stating what you did (do NOT include your website). Only do 2 times a week.

2x a week post about Shakeo. Not the add from Google images, but you and your family drinking it. Get cute, silly and creative. Separate yourself from the crowd. Stick out in a good, happy, funny, positive way!!

1-2x a week, invite *publicly* (a FB post) for others to join your upcoming challenge group or share positive feedback from an existing challenge.

EVERYDAY, post something motivational on your wall.

Once a month post YOUR transformation pic. With a little about how this opportunity has changed your life.

2 times a week post ANY transformation pic.

Post 3-5 times a day on FB. In different areas of interest that sum up YOU!!

Add value to the lives of others.

Gain an audience.

CONNECT with others.....

THIS must be your mindset 4min

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/tbEFLlsYuKg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>