This time of year is filled with holiday parties and often that means cocktails. If you are trying to eat healthy cocktails may not be on the menu for you. Still, you may want to enjoy a festive drink and this Cranberry-Apple Cider Punch is perfect. Ingredients: 

4 cups apple cider, chilled

2 cups cranberry juice cocktail, chilled

1 can Cranberry LaCroix  water

1 can (12oz.) frozen orange juice concentrate

apple slices & orange slices for garnish

frozen cranberries, optional for garnish

optional- rosemary sprig for garnish


In a pitcher, mix the cider, cranberry juice, orange juice concentrate and water.  Stir in apple and orange slices and a handful of frozen cranberries for garnish.

Serve in a highball glass with a sprig of rosemary if desired. You could also use a orange slices.

This recipe was adapted from Betty Crocker.