Conversation Tips after the Invite When someone asks me for info OR if they show interest after I invite, my main goals are:

1. To find out exactly what they want and why! What makes them tick? The more they tell you, the more they emotionally commit themselves to THEIR GOAL and the more they trust you....and the more they want to hear what you have to say!  I usually start by asking what interests them about an accountability group, and I ask their goals.  If they show interest after I personally invite, I say something like, "Awesome!!  I actually run a few different types of groups...what are your current goals (health / fitness) and what are you currently doing for nutrition and exercise?  This way I know which group is a good fit for you!".

2. Based on what they tell you....RELATE to them! Let them know you were once where they were and that you totally understand what they are going through. If you can't relate, let them know about a challenger who has been in their position and where they are NOW (show a before/after picture to get them excited)! This builds trust. This lets them know you are a real person instead of a salesperson.

3. {You must DIAGNOSE before you can PRESCRIBE}--Make sure you’re LISTENING, ASKING QUESTIONS {remember, people love talking about themselves}, and ADDRESSING their wants!: Get them excited about what you have to offer.


If a Potential Challenger says they want to:

Learn better eating habits:

"My accountability groups emphasize teaching the right foods to fuel your metabolism and portion sizes since nutrition is 70-80% of results"

To lose 5 inches from her waist:

"One of my challengers just lost 6 inches off of her waist in 60 days and..."

And get back to a healthy weight:

"My challenger who has never worked out in her life started my accountability group after having her second baby and lost 33lbs and is at her goal weight".

I need more energy:

"Working out and learning the right foods to eat actually gives you more energy...((then relate to this statement))"

4. Bread crumb your information. Avoid information vomit! If you tell someone too much at once, you will either scare them away, or they will look at your long email with many steps and close it--"I'll look at this later when I have time"--they may not get around to it.

5. Try to avoid using the words "Purchase" or "Order". I know this may seem insignificant, but as a potential challenger, if someone said to me, "All you need to do is purchase/order...", I may want to head the other direction! Seems too salesy to me. Nobody wants to be told they need to spend money. Of course, ultimately they do...but, there is a better way around this:

Ex. During my 30 Day accountability groups, all participants commit to a Beachbody workout, follow the same nutrition plan, AND replace 1 (out of 5-6) meals with Shakeology (All natural, superfood health supplement that provides stamina for workouts and reduced junk food cravings) once/day.

6. Always give links LAST! Numbers should not be mentioned until you think your potential challenger sees the VALUE in a Challenge and how it can help THEM!!  Remember--it’s about THEM--not you!

7.  We will go more into depth about objections and how to handle them during this training, but after handling objections...if they are uninterested "at this time" or their answer is, "no" (aka--not YET), then I invite them into a free 5 day clean eating or meal prep group.  I show I want to help them regardless and for free.

Check out these two videos by TOP 10 Coach, Anita Miron, as she Role Plays to show you exactly how her invites go AND how she keeps the conversation going!  Post your takeaways below!! 15 Min

9 min

When someone asks me for info OR if they show interest after I invite, my main goals are: