Our busy lives often lead to stress and fatigue.  Many of us cope by reaching for caffeine and sugar. Both are a quick pick-me-up but come with a quick crash, leading us to start the cycle all over again. There are better ways to manage stress and fight back fatigue.  One healthier approach is the use of adaptogens, which are a mix of medicinal herbs that work with your body to adapt to stress and fatigue. Most of the herbs and fungi that qualify as adaptogens grow in higher elevations with thinning oxygen and rocky soil.  They have had to adjust to less than optimal growing conditions allowing them to become nutrient dense.  It is this dense concentration of nutrients that improve the function of the adrenal system, which is tasked with the responsibility of managing your body’s hormonal reaction to stress, fatigue and anxiety.  Adaptogens can help you to manage stress and anxiety more evenly without the jolts or crashes you may experience with sugar and caffeine.  They’ve earned the name adaptogens because of their uncanny ability to adapt their role to the needs of the body.  It does take some time to reap their benefits, but in the end, they look like a better option.

Recently, their abilities have reached the mainstream, making them seem new and exciting. The fact is, adaptogens have been used for centuries by Indian Ayurvedic medicine for their known ability to boost energy and improve stress management.  Evidence from recent studies is supporting what the holistic wellness community has touted for years. Adpatogens appear to be a safe and positive alternative.

Adaptogens  seem to be able to regulate the body in much the same way a thermostat regulates room temperature.  When the body needs a boost of energy, they are there to supply it without the highs and lows that come with stimulants. They keep the body in harmony and balance the adrenal system, while helping it to respond to the negative effects of stress.  Additionally, adaptogens help cells to function more efficiently. Cells are able to use oxygen more effectively, rid themselves of the toxic byproducts of the metabolic process, and access energy more readily.

If you are considering adding adaptogens to your routine, consider that all the adaptogens your body needs are found in Shakeology.

Maca Root

This rare and powerful member of the radish family boasts over 60 phytonutrients. Each of them helps to increase energy, and endurance.  They promote memory, learning and improve mental ability. It also helps to strengthen the endocrine system, and may improve libido.


Holistic practitioners have used this potent herb for centuries for its known ability to support a healthy immune system, improve cognitive functions, fight off stress and better your mood.  It also balances blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and helps with brain cell regeneration.  This multifunctional herb helps the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response too.


The use of this Chinese herb dates backs almost 2 centuries when it was first discovered to aid in healing and the promotion of a stronger immune system.  It helps the body to achieve ideal energy levels to improve physical endurance and performance.  It also helps to achieve perfect blood sugar levels and blood pressure.


One of the most revered herbs in Chinese medicine, this herb aids in the maintenance of a healthy immune system while protecting the body from physical, mental and emotional stress. Its high levels of antioxidants aid against damage caused by free radicals. Its nutrients help, especially during the winter months, to protect the immune and respiratory systems.

Maitake Mushrooms

This large mushroom grows in Japan, North America and Europe.  It is highly prized for its medicinal benefits, which include helping to lower cholesterol, improving blood sugar as well as treating and preventing cancer.


This is another fungi that has been used in herbal medicine for centuries. It’s benefits include the ability to aid in respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, improve heart health, slow the aging process, detoxify the body, and increase energy. It may also prevent some cancers.

Reishi Mushrooms

These are one of the most popular edible mushrooms in the world. They have been widely used in eastern medicine for thousands of years.  They only recently came to the attention of the Western world. They have amazing health benefits including the ability to reduce blood pressure, rid the body of inflammation, improve cognitive ability, boost energy and slow the aging process.