CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!  You have achieved the FIRST biggest achievement in your business!  People will see you as a leader.  People will take you more seriously.  People view you as established.  CELEBRATE your rank on your page!  People don't know that you may have built it with close friends and family.  As as if you are the leader you want to become, even if you are not there...yet! This is a great Diamond, NOW WHAT? Presentation by Melanie Mitro.  30 min:

What you can Expect from the REFINERY DIAMOND group and holding your Rank:

To remain in the Refinery Leadership group, you must maintain your Diamond Coach status. If you should drop rank, you would have a one week grace period and remain in the Refinery Diamond group. After the week grace period, you would be removed and then re-added once your Diamond status has been re-established. Please take responsibility and remove yourself if you lost rank longer than two weeks and ask to be added into the current months Emerald to Diamond group so that you continue to have the support you need to continue to grow your business back to your Diamond rank.

I feel this group offers a certain level of exclusive value and I share exclusive content from corporate and leader groups that will help all of you build and lead your teams. I share what I get first because of my ELITE status so that you are in the "know". If you aren't able to maintain a diamond rank, then your PRIMARY focus needs to be on re-building your own (solid) foundation, first and foremost. This group and its content can be distracting for a coach that is trying to reach success club and re-gain a diamond rank.

It will help you to focus on the  basics, re-establishing your business center foundation and achieving Success Club, compared to leading a team.  I think this guideline is fair and maintains the integrity of having a leader-based group.

Sponsorship Drill Down: Brittany LeGette 7 min


Voxer me to set up a call!  Where is your business NOW, compared to becoming a Team Leader?  Let's discuss your 12 week goals to move towards this next rank!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.24.42 PM
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Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.24.59 PM



Can we talk about ELITE for a moment? I often hear that achieving ELITE is a goal for rising leaders, BUT it’s important you understand that this isn’t a PASSIVE goal (meaning…this isn’t something that is just going to happen because you’ve been a coach for X amount of time).

This goal requires FAITH, VISION, consistency, leadership development, COMMITMENT, belief and a TRUE desire.

This is NOT for everyone. And that is OK. But I KNOW there are people in here who are not only CAPABLE of making great leaps…but who are also passionate about growing the leadership on their team.

What are the PERKS of going for Elite? – You grow your team, your leadership and in turn…your income and the income of your coaches. – Elite Coaches get treated to special perks like an extra day at events, elite meetings, flowers, gifts, etc.. – On Stage Recognition at Summit – Priority registration for events (like the SC trips) – VIP seating and registration at Summit and Leadership – $100- $500 MONTHLY Bonus in 2016 ($6k/year raise) – Front of Line access for events and workouts – AND you get to be a part of a super cool ELITE group of coaches who inspire you to rise to your potential!

Ok….now the HOW….

5 Star Diamond ::Must have at least 5 PS Diamonds:: Must have at least 2 Diamonds on each leg:: Must have at least 20 PS ACTIVE Coaches::

PRO TIP: Always create a safety net. Life happens. {I’ve had diamond quit and Star Diamonds drop to Emerald} If you want to be solid 5 Star, AIM to be 8 Star.

Elite Points {{135 Points}}

You earn points in 3 categories: 1) Your PS coaches from 2015-2016 Earning Success Club {1 point per coach. Points Double when YOU achieve SC} 2) 1 Point every time your PS coach from 2016 produces 500 PV 3) 1 Point for every 10,000 incremental ATV earned in 2016 compared to total ATV earned in 2015. Basically…when you look at your ENTIRE team volume from last year…you get a point every time you increase it by 10,000 . Now some of you are prob freaking out…and thinking…HOLY MOLY. The beginning of the year is LEAN with points…you will earn MOST of your points during the back half of the year. What’s important right NOW is to set yourself up for SUCCESS. The main things to focus on… . 1) How many coaches are you sponsoring each month? (I recommend setting a goal of 5 and really GOING FOR IT) . 2) How many of your PS coaches are achieving Success Club? . If you focus on those two numbers, the rest will fall into place.

What is Beachbody Elite
What is Beachbody Elite

John Maxwell Laws of Leadership Diamond and Beyond 14 week Training

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership WORKBOOK: Buy this workbook and APPLY each John Maxwell chapter below with the Beachbody Business Activity Next to It

Week 1  Law of Solid GroundGetting Your Coaches Started Right

Week 2  Law of AdditionDeveloping Diamonds

Week 3 Law of RespectConquering Your Struggles

Week 4 Law of MagnetismStanding out as a Business Leader

Week 5 Law of ConnectionConnecting with your Coaches

Week 6 Law of Empowerment: Volume & income growth/coach placement

Week 7 Law of the Picture:  Daily Tasks

Week 8 Law of the Buy In: Social Media

Week 9 Law of Victory: Duplicable Systems

Week 10 Law of the Big Mo: Managing a Growing Team

Week 11 Law of Priorities: SMART goals

Week 12 Law of Sacrifice: Pushing for ELITE

Week 13 Law of Explosive Growth : Creating independent Coaches

Week 14 Law of the Legacy: Creating Videos