Coach Summit Beachbody Coach Presenter: Seay Stanford Two years ago one of my goals was to speak on stage at Coach Summit. Team Beachbody Summit is Beachbodys once a year NATIONAL MEETING and there are THOUSANDS of coaches filling the arena at the MGM Grande. Its a really BIG deal <3

Coach Summit
Coach Summit

At that time my sponsor, Lindsay, had helped make my dream come TRUE. I was on stage in front of 6,000 coaches in 2012 and was able to share my story with the "Team Cup" and how it grew my business. I was on stage for about 4 minutes and it was both AWESOME and OVERWHELMING. No one knew me, I was a Diamond coach, and I was 100% NERVOUS!!! I felt soooo much in AWE of all the BIG TIME COACHES attending. I was even a little intimidated

Well, THIS year, I have an even BIGGER HONOR. I was asked by corporate to be a PRESENTER and co-run a Shakeology training workshop along with two of those "BIG TIME COACHES", Monica Ward and Scottie Hobbs. I couldnt be MORE THRILLED to be a part of this HUGE event with them that's projected to have over 10,000 coaches in attendance!

Unlike so many coaches, it was the integrity and passion I had for Shakeology that inspired me to become a Beachbody coach back in 2011. I drank the stuff for over a YEAR before deciding to promote it. After spending YEARS selling diabetic medications as a pharmaceutical rep I KNEW it was my deeper calling to promote natural health and nutrition. In my heart, I could not stand promoting expense pills that mask symptoms and had a laundry list of side effects. I didnt see people (really) getting better.

Witnessing DISEASE DETERIORATION everyday......SUCKS.

I saw the long term effects of type 2 diabetes on people's health, first hand everyday, and it PASSIONATELY drove me to want make a difference in this world and how we feed ourselves. I LOVE and have PASSION for Shakeology because I BELIEVE in its integrity. Ive seen it's nutrition improve the lives of hundreds of my clients.

Trust me when I tell you that I COMPLETELY researched the quality of this product with the same scrutiny I learned to do with drugs on the market. There is NO question I cant answer and Im honored to be able to share with you, how I promote Shakeology's benefits in a very SIMPLE & EASY way, to my own customers and coaches.

I hope that you will JOIN US at Summit for our LIVE Q and A. I am soooo honored to be presenting with two of the best coaches in Beachbody while we share our successful practices and answer your questions on how to build value and keep customers drinking Shakeology.