“CLIENT PROBING QUESTIONS”   These are Tips and Probing Questions Its GOING to feel like you are trying to CONVINCE a persona or SELL them something if you don't set up the relationship and conversation about THEM.

Imagine if you waled into a car dealership and the salesman showed you cars that HE benefited from? He is showing you two door sports cars when you need a family four door. He is showing you black when you want white, cloth when you want leather because your kids will stain the cloth.  If he KNEW what your needs were, he could provide you so much more value by showing you what options he has to make your life and buying process...EASIER!

There are so MANY features to offer someone, but FIRST we must speak to their NEEDS. These are the TOP questions I use to discover their needs. What you are wanting to uncover are their EXCUSES.   Because with excuses, you can offer SOLUTIONS!

Seay Stanford
Seay Stanford

Excuse---> Solution

No time?--> 30 min workout

Too hard? --> we have modifiers

Portion control?---> 21 day Fix Don't know WHAT to eat and/or at a plateau? -->The Ultimate Reset

Skip meals, has cravings, is tired, or is nutrient deficient-->              Shakeology!

No support---> You offer challenge groups

Cant get to the gym?--> Our products are for the home

You get the idea ;-) Here is another TIP:

ASK OPENED ENDED QUESTIONS! You can't get a "no" with an open ended question. Obviously I don't use ALL of these questions with EACH person, but I sure have a few that I reach to always for conversation. People like to talk about THEMSELVES. These questions will not only give you TONS of information about your customer, but they will help them TRUST you while you are listening.

Here are my TOP "Go To" Probing Questions....

ASSIGNMENT:  List the three questions you are going to use as your "Go To" questions and why you chose them.