What is CIZE by Shaun T?  Think back to when you were a teen and dancing around your bedroom like a fool, you may not have thought of your dance party as exercise, but it may have been the most fun exercising you had at the time.  Fast forward, a few years and you are finding it hard to lose weight. The idea of spending time at the gym or putting in a DVD of aerobics does not thrill you. You know you have to do something. If only exercise was more like that dance party.  Cize is the dance party you have been looking for. [embed][/embed]

Shaun T has taken some of the best music, with songs from Timbaland, Destiny’s Child and Sia Chandler, and put it together with amazing moves to get you up off the couch. It all has a danceable beat that will have you dancing like a kid again.  In this six-course program Shaun teaches you each of the moves for your feet and arms before putting it together in a crazy fun dance sequence to help you drop the weight and look great. You will not be unsure of the routine, or unable to follow along without feeling lost in mix.

For some people instructors can be intimidating and sugary sweet trying to motivate you. Shawn’s approach is more realistic. He is supportive and non-judgmental as he leads you through the Cize dance party, which is the perfect approach for those not crazy about instructors to begin with. Reviews of the program say he is clearly comfortable teaching and motivating others, while still challenging you.

Shaun has a degree in choreography and a long career in dance, so he knows his stuff.  As he’s said,” You aren’t just gonna shuffle your feet around.”  Think of Cize as a stepped up supercharged Zumba routine. Shaun gets your whole body moving with low impact moves and no free weights needed.   Each move is easy on the joints and knees making modifications unnecessary.  At no time will you want to modify the moves and miss what Shaun is doing.

The best thing about Cize is that you can dance your booty off in the privacy of your own home. There are no weird people staring at you like at the gym, or mirrors offering your reflection back to you.  It’s a safe judgement free environment for you to be the dancing queen you are.  Once you get the moves down, it’s time to dance.  If you have any reservations about getting down and funky, you may not get everything out of it that it has to offer.  Yes you are safe in your own home, but by no means be shy about the moves.  Step out of your comfort zone, and let loose.

It’s a six-week program designed to get you results in a short period of time, unlike other programs that may take up to 3 months.  The longer a program is, especially if you are starting a lifestyle change, the harder it may be to stay motivated.  CIze is fun and you will want to dance every day for the four weeks.  There are 6 dance workouts on 3 DVDs. Each ranges in length from 30 minutes to 51 minutes. Shaun T has you starting with 30-minute workouts the first week while working up to 51 minutes by week six. Cize helps develop flexibility, agility, and coordination, all while burning up to 400 calories a session.  This program will not help you build muscle, it’s a cardio intense program that will leave you energized rather than drained. You will lose fat and tone your muscles, but in no way will you be ready to compete in bodybuilding.  PX90 and Hammer & Chisel are better options if you dream of beating out Sagi or Autumn.

Cize is not a revamped version of Hip Hop Abs.  It’s more like “Asylum” with dance instructions.  It will test you each time and leave you sweaty.

As with all of the Beachbody programs, it comes with a meal plan to guide your nutrition and portion size. Even if you work out daily, a poor diet will not help you lose the pounds or inches.  Weight loss is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.

Want to learn more about CIZE and a meal plan to help you lose weight while you Dance the fat off?  Lets chat!