How to Choose a Beachbody Coach

How to choose a beachbody coach
How to choose a beachbody coach

After watching the latest Beachbody infomercial or hearing about a friend's amazing results from a workout program, it's tempting to sign up RIGHT NOW so you can get your fitness journey started!

You're excited and ready to go. But, to maintain that enthusiasm and determination, you need more than just the program. You need a Beachbody coach who is going to help guide you through the process. Do some research before settling on a coach. Even though the fitness programs and accompanying nutrition guides are technically all you need for success, a supportive coach can mean the difference between success and failure.

It's impossible to define who the "perfect" coach for you will be. But, as you shop around, look for these:

Five components in their coaching approach:

1. An effective coach is a product of the product. Not only will you see pictures of your prospective coach wearing PiYo gear (or T25, P90x3 or Shakeology®), but she uses these products, too. The nutrition plans, Shakeology and workout products are part of her daily life, giving the highest recommendation for them. She is evidence that they work.

2. The "perfect" coach possesses the desire and commitment to help YOU. Some coaches only sign up for the discount they get on products and their monthly Shakeology®. Others think it's a great way to get rich quickly, and they attempt to sign up as many customers as possible, without ever attempting to interact with them after the sale. You want someone who is going to be dedicated to your success and thrives on the opportunity to help others change their lives. Commitment to working with customers to help them achieve their goals and sticking with them through thick and thin (pun intended!) is essential.  If the coach has a successful track record, is advanced in the company, and is currently running groups, then it's a great sign they will be committed to you!  Beachbody is my CAREER and I work it FULL TIME.  I am also a 15 Star Diamond ranked coach, meaning that I have achieved the highest rank of success in the company.  Only 25 people have achieved that in their first business center.

3. The right coach will provide informed advice about two key components: Nutrition and Exercise.

Let's face it: this is the hardest part about any fitness plan. Clean eating and incorporating proper nutrition into an everyday lifestyle is challenging. Your coach should help design a plan that's manageable for you. He will advise you about workouts and exercise, magnifying the results of your efforts. Later, he will offer insight to get you past difficult plateaus and setbacks.  I am a certified holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I am dedicated to understanding nutrition in a way that aligns with the Beachbody products.

4. Your coach should take an interest in YOU and your needs. A good coach will take the time to learn more about you, your lifestyle, present situation, challenges and goals. A coach who personally engages with you can help pinpoint lifestyle issues that are hindering your progress and strategize methods to help you reach your goals.  Ask for testimonies.  Ask if they run private groups.  I start new groups every month with new customers.  I spend about an hour on the phone with you to get to know you and better understand your goals and struggles. We come up with a specific program and meal plan just for you and your needs.

5. A good coach holds you accountable. It's easy to slack off when you do a fitness program from home. After all, who is going to know if you pushed play today or not? And, who's going to know if you snuck that chocolate chip cookie? Nobody -- except your coach. A "perfect" Beachbody coach engages with you throughout your entire journey. Online or in-person accountability groups provide opportunities for regular check-ins, a place to ask questions and a forum to vent or celebrate. It doesn't matter if your coach lives next door or across the country, he still makes the effort to conduct regular check-ins with you, offering support, motivation or anything else you need.  I will check in on you DAILY and read your progress.  If I don't hear from you in several days, I will privately message you to see whats going on. I embody each and every one of these criteria and can't wait to spend some time learning about you and your fitness plans. Together, we can meet your goals!  Contact me to join my next challenge group!!

I'm looking forward to helping YOU reach your GOALS!

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