Chefs Top 6 Simple Kitchen Hacks


  1. It’s Nobody’s Salt But Mine A quick fix for that all-too-ugly cardboard salt shaker, is to take a regular mason jar, and remove the top portion of the cardboard shaker. Cut the circular portion with the pouring spout to fit the mason jar lid, and replace that with the regular metal inside lid. The mason jar’s outer ring will hold it in perfectly, and you have a fun DIY salt pourer.

  2. Aerated Aerating wine is a very scientific process. Just as an apple becomes brown, so too is wine affected by the open air. The process, however, takes a little more effort. Aerated wine is freed from all the little compounds that might dampen the underlying flavors of the wine, becoming open to oxidation and evaporation. Once aerated, wine is often more fruitful, vibrant, and complex. This process can make the cheapest wine reveal the best parts of it’s make up. A quick way to do this, without a fancy gadget, is to pour your wine in a blender. The rapid movement of the blender introduces a lot of air to the wine, very quickly. This softens tannins, uncovers wonderful flavors, and opens your mind to the potential of all wines.

  3. Egg Tacks Hard boiled eggs are quite an art to be perfected. The shell is fragile, yet hard to remove. The yolk is soft, yet hard to fully cook. This can be quite a depressing scenario, and I know I personally have spent many a lunch hour locked in my closet playing Kenny G and weeping over raw eggs.  A quick, simply fix is to poke the egg shell (Very, very gently) with a thumbtack on one end of the egg. Once this is done, carefully place the egg in lightly boiling water until cooked. You’ll have an egg that is fully cooked all the way through.

  4. Oven Rack Tortillas Flat-bottomed taco shells are the greatest thing since regular taco shells. But they’re often littered with nasty chemicals and additives. A quick way to make your own, is to take some healthy tortillas of any kind, and drape them over the rack in your oven. Two rungs of your oven rack will be perfectly spaced to have flat tortilla shells. Just bake at 350 for a minute or two until brown.

  5. Fire with Fire Cracking an eggshell and losing a piece in your egg is almost as bad as getting a flaming stick in your eye. If you try to pick it out by hand, you’re chasing a gnat in the dark. But there is a fix… the shell itself. Use that bad boy to shovel out it’s ugly little brother, and you’ll be set to egg in no time.

  6. Emergency Ice Cream A sweet tooth is an incurable disease. It can only be satiated by fatty, sugary foods. But there is a solution, and it’s name is banana. If you’ve spent all afternoon making a healthy salad, steamed veggies, and baked chicken for dinner, and at 9pm you want a 3 gallon tub of chocolate ice cream, this is the cure for you. Take a few bananas, and mash to the consistency of ice cream. Freeze for a few hours, and you’ll have yourself a one ingredient, sweet, and creamy alternative to ice cream that is surprisingly just as good. Win!