Chefs Top 5 Gadgets for Better Food

  1. Play the Mandoline Quick, smooth, paper-thin veggie cutting. The mandoline is a great gadget to have on hand for veggies, fruit, cheese, or even nuts. They can even be had with a julienne-style blade. These combined make the mandoline an essential item for incorporating perfectly sliced ingredients in your dish.

  2. The Court Zester The zester is an underestimated little gadget. Lemon zest, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, parmesan, and any other firm ingredient may be finely incorporated into any dish with this essential gadget. A little extra zest is never a bad idea, and this guy can spruce up any sort of meal in miraculous ways.

  3. The Sword in The Stonefruit It may seem a bit redundant, but there is one element of every kitchen drawer that is often neglected - a decent knife. You may be in possession of a knife block, a fancy set your boss gave you at christmas, or something you picked up in the clearance section at a department store. That’s not to say those knives are totally worthless, but it’s essential to consolidate your drawer to one or two quality, well-sharpened kitchen knives. Stainless steel, preferably 440 grade (higher carbon content), is a must for any kitchen knife. It is a good idea to keep them well-sharpened, as a dull knife can make veggie cutting a bit more gruesome for them. Tomato’s deserve a quick death, and it’s only right that they are treated with respect to the end.

  4. Wok In The Park The Chinese wok is a versatile, unique, high-heat pan designed for making stir fry and other fresh ingredient oriented dishes. With sesame oil, snow peas, rice, chicken, peppers, onion, and any other vegetable or meat, the Wok makes authentic-tasting stir fry a breeze. Healthy, hearty, oh-so-good far-east food, right at home. Magical.

  5. Spout, Spout Let It All Out A wonderful touch to all of the above, the vinegar pour-spout is a universal, easy to use gadget that is perfect for oil, balsamic vinegar, wine, juice, or anything in a standard glass bottle. Mandoline some veggies, toss them in a wok, use your pour spout to add a few tbsp. of sesame oil, zest a bit of lime over it, and slice (with your perfectly sharpened 440 steel knife) some chicken, stir until chicken is fully cooked, and serve over rice with soy sauce. Healthy, quick, and delicious. The spout is also perfect for drizzling balsamic over a salad, wine over chicken (watch your heat, you aren’t on a food show and this can be dangerous at high temperatures without a steel stove hood), or a touch of olive oil over hummus.