CHEERS to TWO Years! Celebrating my Journey to FREEDOM from Corporate Shackles... Two years ago TODAY, I made a decision that completely changed my life. At the time, had I been told that two years from that date, I’d be a successful professional network marketer, I would have laughed, swearing that I would never become one of “those” icky sales people. I honestly joined Beachbody because I loved the products, particularly, Shakeology, and the thought of getting it at a discount appealed to me.

I wasn’t looking to replace my job, although dreaming of doing so was something I entertained in fantasy. You see, for the last 15 years I had worked in the “traditional” safe corporate setting. What I knew, at my core, to be true was that I was never meant to be an employee under someone else’s thumb. Bosses telling me what to do, how to do it and when to do it, didn’t settle with me over the years and wore on my need for autonomy. I was never any good at playing the corporate politics game. If I disagreed with something, I was horrible at passive acceptance. Personally, I had lived through TWO periods of feeling emotionally depleted and burnt out in my corporate existence. Have you ever felt SOOO emotionally drained from a job that you literally could not lift yourself up off the floor? I remember Neil finding me that way and nothing he did could take the emotional weight off of my chest. We needed the money but the grind was completely DEPLETING me. I literally felt like my career was sucking the life out of me. My lack of energy and sadness were affecting my marriage, my interaction with my children and my health. I will always sadly regret that both of my daughters were thrown into daycare at just 6 weeks old because I had to return to work. To now have a third baby, my beautiful baby boy that was going to have the very same fate, KILLED my spirit. Twice, I have felt paralyzed like this, from job stress. My career, although very financially rewarding was unfulfilling and meaningless. My personal life lacked passion. I showed up for the paycheck. That was it. I LONGED for professional and financial freedom but had no idea how to achieve it.

Then came my cancer scare, (THANKFULLY the tumor was benign) however, sometimes it takes the scare of a potential illness to make you realize the importance of HEALTH. I'm not a food purest by ANY means, but that moment of discovering a lump in my breast will forever be burned into my mind, especially because I truly believe it was caused by my irresponsible & rash decision to opt into the "quick fix" of doing HCG injections after having my 3rd child at 37 years old, rather than going to good ole fashion "healthy diet and exercise" route. I decided, from that point on, that I had to take ownership for my health, the NATURAL way. If I were to ever get seriously sick going forward, it would not be due to my own nutritional ignorance, physical neglect and/or lifestyle choices. I was doing everything in my power to prevent disease, not accelerate it. Nor was my family going to “pick up the tab” for my lack of concern of the foods I was putting on the table to nourish them. This experience made me AWARE. I became knowledgable and an advocate to teach others about food manipulation, manmade chemicals and how they negatively affect our body.

So there was, my ONLY foundation on day one of Beachbody, two years ago today. I started my journey not really knowing what I wanted out of this. I knew more about what I did not want, what I stood for and that Beachbody had the product integrity I could 100% stand behind with pride. This “place” suited me. I thought I was alone in my beliefs but I quickly learned after sharing my story, that I definitely wasn’t. In fact there were HUNDREDS more like me! Most started off as my customers, then after they improved their health and mindset, it was almost if it was a natural progression for them to want to be a part of something “bigger”. So there in lies how my TEAM and business were born. In the last two years I have built a team of very POSITIVE, like -minded individuals that ALL have unique ways to spread their INSPIRATION to others to live healthier lives and not just look better, but FEEL better, live longer and then pay it forward. My team isn’t made up of people exactly like me. We are made up of all walks of life with different stories, ages, religious beliefs, careers and education. But one thing we all share is PASSION and BELIEF in reducing preventable diseases and obesity. The support we give and the products we endorse are because they truly are the BEST, they WORK and we have done them with results, ourselves.

Never did I think this company was actually something that would have ended up being the SOLUTION to attaining EVERYTHING I'd ever wanted out of life. I have FREEDOM. Freedom to take vacations whenever I want. Freedom to work where I want. Freedom to spend time with my children and be present in their lives. That’s very important to me. And, best yet, it’s NOT just about me... I've seen my team pay off debts, quit their full time unfulfilling jobs, and earn family vacations they never would have afforded otherwise. ALL by helping others live healthier lives and leading by example. I know that if I were to read this on someone else’s page two years ago, I'd think all these words were too good to be true. Trust me, I even pinch myself sometimes. But, if you have been following me on Facebook for any length of time you know I live this life I speak of. Hand on heart, as of last month, I officially earn MORE than my highest paid year in Pharmaceutical sales (perks Included)! That was a HUGE rite of passage for me. Hey, we ALL have to earn money to pay the bills, right? We all have to put time in SOMEWHERE. But I don’t want to just pay my bills. I don’t want to show up for a PAY CHECK. I want personal and financial FREEDOM. I could not be more thankful that I am in a business model where there is no glass ceiling for the amount of LIVES I can help while earning a better living year after year.

Looking back on these last two years and not just how my life has changed, but how my coaches lives have changed, my mind is completely blown. Its not just ME living out my dream, but I have an active role in OTHERS lives and their success, as well. To have a role in another person’s FREEDOM is truly what makes this profession worthwhile. Today, I celebrate and am thankful for my career.

I truly believe that some of the BEST coaches in this industry have YET to join this organization. You don’t have to be a fitness or nutrition expert, you just have to have PASSION to live and lead people by your own positive, healthy example, progressively becoming a better version of the person you are today!

Seay Stanford
Seay Stanford

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