Calling all WORKING Moms!

Yes YOU!!! - The ones at work this Monday morning, bright an early. - The ones that dropped the kids off and will be going to the grocery store after work to pick up dinner for the family. - The ones that seem to never have enough time for themselves. - The ones that like your job, or the income, but wish there were MORE TIME to do other things.

If any of those resonate with you then listen up because this was me too! Four years ago I had a six figure career, I have a degree, and thought that I was living the professional life I had designed. But, I still never felt like there was enough time to do the things I really wanted. Having freedom would have been really great. But I didn't think it was possible or even an option, because I DIDN'T KNOW OTHERWISE. Well I'm hear to tell you it is!!!

Want to find out how I went from that good life, to a better one--> tripling my income, retiring my husband so we are home together, traveling Europe as a family for three months, taking my three kiddos to school and even grocery shopping at 2pm on a Monday? Ha!

I know- like I once did, you are thinking what I'm going to offer is a gimmick. That you have to be salesly. That you don't have enough time. That you already have a job. Think about ME—-> have I EVER hounded you or pushed anyone to buy something or added you to a sales group to make a purchase? NOPE. Have I ever been that icky sales person to you? NOPE. Have I shown you that you CAN get PAID to stay healthy and happy? YEP!! Am I asking that you switch careers, nope. But if you want to be healthy and happy ANYWAY, why pass the opportunity to do so and maybe earn enough money to possibly take a vacation? You want to live healthy and happy ANYWAY, right?!

If you are still reading this..know that... I only want BUSY people. Why? Because I've seen that busy women are the most productive!! They know how to get things done! They are high producers! The most successful coaches on my team are all women just like us!

And...hallelujah!!! You don't have to do silly home parties. You don't have to carry any inventory. This fits in with your current lifestyle.

The only investment you need is the DESIRE to have more freedom for your family and to want to live a healthy and positive life. My team is growing and has been consistently ranked an ELITE team for the past three years and I am only one of 28 people that have achieved the highest rank in the company, 15 Super Star Diamond Status. My simple training systems I’ve created for you are AWESOME and have PROVEN success among my new coaches.

So, as you are sitting in traffic after work, on the way to the grocery store, or at your desk, or stuffing down your food on your "working lunch" break, THINK about my words and the life you could have. I've shown you it's possible.

What if, you could be the one with with freedom while others wonder what the heck you do for a living because you are enjoying life outside on a Monday. This COULD BE the best decision you ever made that you didn't know even existed because you thought you already “had it all”.

I am looking for FIVE new women to join my team. Let’s do this this… Email or Private message me: