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Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.32.19 PM

Being Busy Savvy Tips by Top Canadian Coach Miguel Carrasco

1. 2014 is the year of video. And not just YouTube, but for every service, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Vine, Twitter.

2. Videos now autoplay on Facebook which gives you AUTOMAGIC engagement the second it appears on someones feed (mobile device only so far). Good video, with a good engaging call to action to watch the video can boost your engagement to the MOON!

3. Once engagement is lost, it's hard to get back, so if you have it, don't lose it.

4. Yes you now have to pay if your going to post an ad on facebook... and so you should in my opinion. Posting a "Buy P90X3" as clever as you make the post, is still an Ad, and I'm glad Facebook is cleaning that up. If you want to sell to your fans, you should pay.. trust me it is BETTER for people that care about their customers and care about adding value.. why? Because if Facebook DIDN'T do this, Facebook would keep getting polluted, and people WOULD leave facebook.

5. The higher your engagement score, and more fans you have, the LESS you will pay for adds.

6. Build an email list. That is the one thing that can never be taken away.

That last point is key especially for people in this team that are doing this for a business. Imagine if Facebook shut down your page, and you had 100k fans... and you DIDN'T have any emails.... you're DONE.

Or Imagine you had a blog with 100k views a month, and google decided to slap you in the face with a ban... and you have no list you're DONE.

Or Imagine Beachbody shut down (they won't but imagine), and you never extracted your customer lists and put them into a crm tool... you're DONE.

Now say you build up an email list. In ANY of the scenarios above, you could be up and running in HOURS. "Here is my new fan page, bigger and better than ever" or "here's my new blog" or "I've decided to make my own workout videos"...

You get the point...