Burn Out: It Happens and How to Deal  When it Usually Happens:

Usually around May and December.  Why then?  May because often our business is coming off of the RUSH of it's biggest peak, and coaches are tired and sales are not as easy as they were in the height of season.  December, because coaches are distracted with the holidays and their business doesn't even go on the back burner, but more like FALLS BEHIND THE STOVE!

After Vacation. More about the Vacation Hangover.

After a Rank advancement.  Pushing to achieve a rank and then holding it for a qualification period can be exhausting.  It's similar to running a business marathon sometimes.  Once a coach finally achieves his/her goal, it is normal for them to want to stop and rest.

After a Team Cup. Another month od PUSHING and LEADING others and being part of a team cn heighten responsibility.  It is totally normal after a team cup to want to stop and rest.

ALL of these although NORMAL, if you or your team stays rested too long, the business will lose it's momentum and begin to crumble and crack. That can compound on the feeling of burn out and defeat.

So what can you do?  Well, if you are AWARE of it, you can both plan for it both for yourself and for your team.  As a leader, you can anticipate it and help your coaches understand it is totally normal.  Here is a GREAT 20 minute call from 15 Star Coach, Kristina Delgado on the ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE helped re-engage.

Other considerations....

Are you taking care of YOU and your needs?  Many times depression, overwhelming feelings are the SYMPTOMS of us not meeting our needs.  Here are some GREAT WAYS to take care of yourself.

Business Boundaries:  You TEACH your team how to treat you.  Setting good boundaries up front is important.  Try making your OWN boundary list.  Here is mine.

People can DRAIN YOU!  But only if you let them....;-)

People can't TAKE your ENERGY,  You GIVE IT to them.  Leaders have a certain energy and vibration about them that people are ATTRACTED TO and sometimes CRAVE, especially in this business.  This 14 minute video is more metaphysical, but he really makes some VALID points on feeling depleted and how we actually contribute to it.