Building Your Dream (again)

One of the best experiences in my life was back in 2004 when my then husband and I DREAMED BIG. We bought nearly two acres of land near Tampa, never really knowing if we could EVER afford to build on it. Back then, the economy was THRIVING and in 2005 we moved into not just the "house" of our dreams, but one that we CUSTOM built on our lot, where we were involved in every decision.

Dream Home
Dream Home

This wasn’t one of those "custom" homes where you pick out the floor plan and then decide on the details. No- this baby was truly CUSTOM! We met with an architect and designed every inch of the floor plan. Those of you that know how creative I am, can imagine how MUCH I enjoyed the entire process. It took eight months to build, start to finish, and it was one of the most amazing creations I’ve been involved with. The day we moved in, I felt like I was LIVING a dream. But, as we all know, change is inevitable. My husband and I divorced, the economy was declining and the house was sold. I still drive by her often and appreciate all the little decisions I played a part in, in creating her. I love that her new owners LOVE her and all the uniqueness she displays. The year prior to me starting with Beachbody, I was laid off, and living on $250/week unemployment. Neil was just starting his new business and times were financially tough. I thought it ironic to finally have ALL that mattered to me in life quality, a beautiful healthy family and the man of my dreams. But, we barely had enough money to pay our bills. Several times, we put our mortgage on a credit card and wracked up quite a bit a debt, to get by. I looked back at that wonderful custom home experience as a "once in a lifetime" thing. It was “a different time in my life”. But then, the other night I thought, “WHY NOT, DREAM it, AGAIN?” Why should that lovely home have to be one reserved, solely to my past? Neil and I have spoke on what it would mean to us to have a little piece of heaven on a lake, and build our own dream house, together. It doesn't need to be as extravagant as my first home. But, it can be EXACTLY as we DREAM it to be. Our vision is to live out our lives in a perfectly designed home, unique to us, in a quiet waterfront location. GOALS require THREE things, 1) belief 2) a plan and 3) a date. Someone once said, “You’ll see it, when you believe it”. Our plan is to pay off ALL of our remaining debts, our date is to move in by Summer 2015 and I look forward to sharing this DREAM with all of you, along the way. When you WANT something, do you wish for it, or do you BELIEVE in it? Do you believe you are worthy of achieving your dreams? Do you map out a WAY to get you what you DESIRE? I do. If you have a dream and don’t believe you can achieve it, it never will be. I am looking for people who want to DREAM BIG and BELIEVE in themselves. If you are still reading this, and know that there is something BIGGER in life waiting for you, join my team, as it is growing fast and making visions a REALITY!