In a little over ten days, we will be moving into our new home! As excited, as we are to be moving to a home with an amazing view, packing up our current home was a scary proposition until our movers, Platinum Relocations shared with me their best tips for packing. I have to tell you they have made it an easier process and allowed me to remain sane as we cleaned out the closets and the attic.  I thought if I benefited from these packing tips, so could you! Start with the difficult things first, like storage closets, basement and the attic.  Sure, it’s always more appealing to begin with the easier things and work your way toward the difficult things, but in reality you may lose patience by the time to get to the more difficult spots.  Packing up the harder location in your house gets it out of the way and takes the sense of dread out of the equation.  Once it’s done, you can’t procrastinate.

Pack items tightly in boxes.  Most people pack boxes loosely thinking the air pockets will offer better protection.  It actually gives items room to move and settle in the boxes. If you use a waxy sheet paper (like you may see them use at Pier One) instead of bubble wrap, you can pack items tightly. The paper will create a better cushion for you and keep your items from shifting in transit.

When you’re packing up plates, pack them on their sides. Rather than stacking plate from the bottom of the box to the top, stack them from one side to another on their rims. They are less likely to crack and break.   Wine glasses will do best when packed up and down.

For extra cushioning, use clothes, blankets and towels to wrap items in before boxing them. They are soft and need to get to the new house, so why not use them for packing?

Organize your boxes as you pack. Labeling them with the name of the room or location in the new home where they will go will make it easier for your movers and keep you sane as you unpack at the new home.  Having a system that works for you will keep the headaches away while reducing your stress.

Movers pack their trucks much like a Tetris game. They find nooks and crannies to put the boxes in, which means a box may go in to the truck on it’s side, or maybe even upside down.  A box with liquids in it that’s not labelled can easily become a mess no one wants to deal with. Use arrows on the outside of the box to note the top of the box and movers will know that box has to go with the arrow pointing up.

Today’s TV’s don’t travel well in big trucks, even short distances.  They are prone to heavy vibrations that will cause damage. Movers suggest either moving the big screen TV yourself in your own vehicle or purchasing a TV box and packing it tightly in the box to minimize the risk of vibration.

I have followed these tips and packing has been easier than I first thought it would be.  Now, I can focus on the fun part of moving, decorating the new home.  I have already spent too much time getting lost on HOUZZ.