Beachbody vs Body Wraps

Body wraps have been around for centuries, some dating as far back as ancient Egypt.  They claim to help you lose inches, if not actual weight.  The idea behind them is to wrap your torso, arms and legs with a saran like plastic infused with a mix of ingredients designed to shrink the wrap body part.

The wraps sold by “It Works” contain 12 different ingredients, most of which are said to tone the skin, act as an anti-inflammatory, stimulate circulation, are antibacterial, and moisturize the skin.

Their literature claims an average loss is 1-3 inches per application, immediate results in 45 minutes and complete body make over in 30-90 days, results last 2-6 months.  Supposedly, the topical cream metabolizes fat into energy and it is not a diuretic.  It promises actual weight loss, inches and pounds, not water weight.

The science isn’t in their favor.  One may lose inches with a wrap, but it is due to sweating and the loss of interstitial fluid found between body tissue and cells, not fat loss. The fluid will re accumulate so the results are not long lasting.  The only way to change the make-up of fat cells underneath the skin is to eat a clean diet and get plenty of exercise that includes cardio and weight training. “It takes work” to get healthy.  Getting fit, toned and healthy is a lifestyle, not 45 minutes every week with your water bottle and roll of plastic wrap.

Other products they sell are Fat Fighter pills, and something called Thermofit.  Taking a pill has never helped anyone. It’s a bunch of promises requiring very little work, as if weight loss and a hot body just happen overnight.  Hmmm…. Sounds too good to be true and you know what they say about things that seem too good.

I love that Beachbody gives you the tools to get healthy and fit. In the 72 hours it takes to wrap you could have done 3 days of the 21-Day Fix, and had three nutrient dense Shakeology shakes.  In 30-90 days you will see actual results and a transformed body.  It’s a commitment to better health and a better diet that transforms you.

If you would like more information about the many programs, Beachbody offers message me and I will help you to refine your health the Beachbody way.