Beachbody Trainers Give Tips to Avoid Holiday Bulge The holidays are a wonderful time of year: cakes, cookies, candy and all of the other specialties whipped up during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas make it not only festive, but yummy, too! However, as the days get busier and more hectic as you frantically try to get everything done, it's really easy to lose track of your fitness goals along the way.

And, as festivities really ramp up, the parties take their toll by providing opportunities for bad food and drink choices. Don't get me wrong: it's fun! But, it's counterproductive for your goals, causing you to backtrack instead of making progress.

It's hard for everyone. Even seemingly perfect Beachbody trainers struggle with this season. But, they have some great tips to help you stay on track and avoid holiday weight gain.

Shaun T. suggests that you "half it up!" By eating only half of the meal or dishes you are served during the holidays, you still get a taste of your favorites without overeating. He also encourages you to exercise just five minutes more during each workout session. He explains that at the end of the week, you will have exercised an extra 25 minutes, which is the equivalent to an additional T25 workout! Not a bad idea!

Never show up to a party hungry, suggests mega trainer Tony Horton. Saving your calories for the party and then overeating won't get the results you are hoping for. Also, he says that by alternating alcoholic beverages with 10 ounces of water, you will avoid getting drunk and making bad food choices (which often accompanies a booze buzz). Even though life may be crazy, he says that sticking to your exercise routine will help offset any poor choices you make during the season.

Chalene Johnson indicates that making a December "No Gain" goal will help you get in the right mindset to avoid holiday weight issues. Do it ahead of time, so you're not trying to play catch up with your plan, half way through the season. Additionally, she recommends incorporating a cup of raw veggies into a snack before attending a party. Starting out with something healthy may not only influence you to make better choices at the event, but it may also decrease your appetite for other indulgent foods.

Autumn Calabrese says that by taking your conversations anywhere else other than near the buffet table may help you avoid social eating. If the food is out of sight, it's out of mind as you catch up with friends and loved ones. Also, she says that the holidays can't be a free for all with food and booze, even though that sounds like a lot more fun!

Eating regular, normal meals is one of Sagi Kalev's best tips for surviving the holidays in your current pant size. He says when you expect every meal to be a regular one, it makes it lots less likely to overeat. However, he also encourages you to enjoy the holiday food, but not see it as an indulgence. Often, people tend to eat more if they see it as an indulgence. Sagi encourages you to stay balanced throughout the holidays (physically, emotionally and spiritually), which can not only help your fitness goals, but your sanity, too!

Planning ahead of time for the holidays by working a little harder in advance is Leandro Carvalho's advice. Stretch your limitations in the workouts leading up to the holidays to help offset any poor choices you do make. He also encourages you to continue with your healthy habits (including Shakeology ®) throughout the upcoming weeks.

My own advice for the holidays is to enjoy the blessings in your life, get those workouts in and plan for a stellar new year!