Seay Stanford
Seay Stanford

Beachbody SURGE Elite Beachbody Coach Call with Carl Daikeler

I had the honor to be asked to speak on a Beachbody LIVE call with the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler.  This was the opportunity of my career!  I was asked to speak on how to keep clients and coaches drinking Shakeology for the long haul and on home direct.  Although I spoke LIVE, I will share my notes with you from the call.


Minimizing cancelations has to do with taking the time to create VALUE on NUTRITION on the FRONT end.

If you KNOW the value of Shakeolgoy- and how it can meet the needs of MANY different people, you can create a desire for long term use.

Don't look at Shakeo as just a SC point or an active coach to your business.

Look at it as INSURANCE for yourself and your clients that, at the very LEAST we are providing what their body needs everyday in a very simple and convent way.  Its also INSURANCE towards a solid business foundation.

Being nutrient deficient manifests itself in cravings, tiredness and mental fogginess.

Even if my clients don't get their entire rest of day perfect- they AT LEAST have got that ONE meal right and their body wont be be nutrient deficient.

Thats what I mean by INSURANCE.

Sure they could INTEND to cook a balanced breakfast or juice every morning.

But most people are too busy for that.

Even with the best intentions, they may not be choosing foods that are clean and designed to fuel their body and have balance.

You ever heard the saying you cant out exercise a bad diet?  

Nutrition is THEE most important factor for how you FEEL.

THAT is the ONE variable you can't chinch on!

Because when you feel great, you have more energy, you don't have cravings and your body recovers faster.

Shakeology makes that one meal REALLY easy.  I

Its like fast food on the go- but GOOD for you :-)

So- I have TWO Value tips to share that will help coaches KEEP people on Shakeology :-)

1) Shakeology is for EVERYBODY.  

As coaches, when you pigeon hole shakeology  for weight loss, you are pigeon holing it to JUST a certain amount of people.

People can even be skinny- and frightfully unhealthy.  

You know, the people that drink energy caffeine all day, pop diet pills or worse, binge eat, or worse, smoke cigarettes.

They are THIN, yet severely nutrient deficient.

Not everyone needs to lose weight, but everyone needs to be Healthier.  

I explain to people that my family  of five easily goes through 4-5 bags a month.  How?

Because how would I ever choose who isn't going to get it?

Im a busy, active 41 year old mom. and my 3 children are typical kids and want pizza, chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.

With Shakeology I know their little bodies are getting at LEAST one thing that day to help their cells develop, fuel them with vitamins and aide in their digestion.  The phytonutrients and adaptogens I know also keep my kids from getting SICK.  So if your kids are around other kids in small spaces- why not give their immune system some ammo to keep them HEALTHY?!

My husband is a “Meat and Potatoes” guy.  So he is getting his “veggies” with shakeology.  He used to skip meals.  He NOW, drinks two shakes a day.  One is his breakfast and the other is his post workout shake.

And of course, I drink at least one a day because Im a busy, active 41 year old mom of three, running a business.

It keeps me feeling great, energized, clear headed and its EASY!  And I rarely get sick.

Heres why I say its for EVERYBODY-.  

Shakeology is FLEXIBLE in that it comes in 160-180 calorie servings.

As 180 calories- you can use it as a snack.

You can make it up to 300 for a meal replacement.

Or for someone wanting to put on weight, you can make it 600-800 calories, by adding extra clean foods and omega 3’s.

All this flexibility without compromising QUALITY and maximizing nutrition.

Its not about the carbs, fats and protien- What makes Shakeology SPECIAL is EVERYTHING

else in the ingredient section, how its whole food integrity is maintained and nothing artificial is added.

Its about the baseline clean dense nutrition and superfoods- made REALLY easy.

Think of elderly folks or children that need to GAIN weight.

Their options are Pediasure and


These products are loaded with artificial ingredients and  a lot of empty calories.

Why not use shakeology and adjust it to their daily caloric needs.

Shakeology is a BROAD SPECTRUM product that everyone can benefit from…LONG TERM.

Even though i understand the depths of nutrition- I DONT HAVE TO.  Nor do YOU- Nor do your customers.

Shakeology does the hard work for me.

Think of how much stress that takes off your customers.

When people realize that shakeology isn't just about weight loss, or something they HAVE to drink for a challenge group.

When they understand the value and the benefits, you go from HAVING to drink it to- I want to drink it and I want my FAMILY to drink it….forever.

Show them where it can make their life easier and provide them what they need daily once a day in an easy way.

So they say they will just eat salads?  Thats a great start!  You know that shake is the equivelent to eating FIVE salads?  Who would want to eat that many or afford to?  Talk about BURN OUT?!  We have FOUR flavors- no burn out :-)

Ive yet to see a salad bar that offers 70 super foods in it!


What’s considered VALUE is going to be different based on different generations.  

Whats important to a 20 year old going on Spring Break is going to be different to a 50 year old on blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

The value HEALTHY PEOPLE (like Isabelle and Darin) sees is in Shakeology is going to be different than what an obese person sees in Shakeology.

As coaches we want to know and understand our WHY’s.


So we can help keep you focused on your long term goals.  But what about your customers WHY’s?!

Once you understand their DESIRES, you can bridge their needs and show where Shakeology is their solution.


How much do you spend on average per meal?

Most people will answer $3-7.  Shakeo is $4-$5/ meal.

It s right in alignment with what they spend per meal.

They are just buying it all of their meals for 30 days, at ONCE.

PLUS you are getting all your vitamins and over 70 super foods that will aide in your digestion, and help your body heal itself.

People will think its an over priced PROTEIN SHAKE.

Its OUR job as coaches to DIFFERENTIATE how shakeology is different than anything on the market and show them the value.

Its our job to show them the benefits of drinking it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  At the very least.


Shakeology is my healthy fast food that I can offer that I know that at the very LEAST, my clients will give their body what it needs to repair, fuel, recover itself daily.

If they understand WHY its different and how it can financially fit into their lives and WANT it, Ive created a long term customer.

As coaches- this is your #1 Continuity product.

I get the most SIMPLE questions asked to me by coaches in the organization and I know they dont “get” the basics of shakeology.

By taking the time to understand shakeolgy, using the shakeology FAQ site, and show your customers the VALUE- you are making your JOB as a coach, easier long term.

Because when your customers and coaches  understand the value, they are able to verbaize the same benefits and differences with CONFIDENCE to others all around them.

The ripple effect of your entire downline having a POSITIVE PSTURE  keeps you all from replacing1x orders and inactive coaches.

Taking the time on the FRONT end- will save you time and create longevity for your business-  on the BACK end.

Shakeo isn't about getting SKINNY- Its about HEALTHY.

Once your body is working towards HEALTH and you are fueling it right-  your body will take care of you by giving you more natural energy, more clarity  and less cravings, brighter skin and healthier hair.

Weight and health happen BECAUSE of good nutrition.  Shakeology makes all the confusing stuff- EASY.

THAT is how you keep people on Shakeology  You show the Value to THEM.


3 weeks after (talk about how they are doing and the autoship)

Reindforcement WHY,

Subjective:  Unlike physical transformations that are measurable, shake helps people slowly FEEL better.

When I follow up I ask, how is their digestion, cravings, energy, mood, or any physical ailments I know they were suffering from 3 weeks ago.

Gives me an opportunity to follow up and see if they have been consistent.  It only works if they drink it consistently.

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