Beachbody Programs or Gym Membership?

CONSIDER THIS  before you decide to join a gym or hire a personal trainer: << This comparison is not about which picture at the bottom of this post looks better. >>

PICTURE ONE BELOW: When I was 33 I went through a BIG personal health and fitness phase after my divorce.

- I spent an hour and a half every day working on my body with weights and cardio playing soccer. I followed Gunnar Peterson's fitness routine. I often had trainer friends "help" me with new routines. - I meal prepped and ate super clean. - I was at my lowest adult weight at 111 pounds and looked and felt GREAT.

PICTURE TWO BELOW: Six years later I was not only older, but almost 40. I had a THIRD baby (via C-section). I didn't have the time to work out like I did six years earlier. I had to find a more efficient alternative.

- I still ate clean and meal prepped just like picture one. - I didn't play soccer, as I did in picture one, because I had a torn ACL. - I did not go to the gym, but instead followed an at home fitness DVD, ChaLEAN Extreme® exactly. It took me 40 minutes a day....not 90 minutes. - I drank Shakeology once (sometimes twice) day.

My point is: BEACHBODY PROGRAMS REALLY DO WORK. My results in picture two:

I was able to workout in LESS time, and get MORE defined results. The difference is I followed a specific Beachbody program as it was written out, everyday. - It told me exactly what weights, moves and reps to do on each body part. - It had numerous workouts that I was told when to do on what days to target specific body parts scientifically. - I drank Shakeology that kept my energy and nutrients up. That's was the ONLY difference. And I was older, had a baby, wasn't playing soccer and was working out in HALF the time as picture one.

CONSIDER COST: I spent $180 (total- period! Not ongoing.) for my DVD program (which I still own and travel with by the way!) and my Shakeology (which consequently replaced 30 of my meals saving me food prep and money on vitamins). I was in an online support group that taught me a TON and gave me GREAT motivation and new friends. (Which I now offer to others :-) )

I don't know what your gym costs are, or trainers for that matter. Please understand I'm not dissing those options. They are obviously GREAT as I look AMAZING in picture one. But picture two was far more COST and TIME effective and I got just as good (if not better) results with Beachbody products while working out at at HOME <3.

- If you still LOVE the gym or already have a membership? COOL BEANS! All of our programs can be streamed on demand from your mobile---from ANYWHERE <3

- If you LOVE your trainer- COOL BEANS! You can supplement these workouts on your non trainer days :-)

I ask this: Before signing a gym contract, consider letting me help you find a Beachbody fitness program that will meet YOUR needs. TRUST ME- THEY WORK!

Beachbody programs Chalean Extreme
Beachbody programs Chalean Extreme