Audi Q7 Seay Stanford Beachbody Car
Audi Q7 Seay Stanford Beachbody Car

Last night I sat outside on my driveway loving this car until I was so tired that Neil MADE me go to bed. This isn’t just a “car” to me. This vehicle represents financial responsibility, hard work and a lot of patience. I’ve never had a car that was truly “mine”. Ive always financed (usually WAY to much!) or have had a company car. Either way, none were truly “mine” and always belonged to someone else. Just a few years ago, when I was pregnant with Reagan, I quit my pharmaceutical job and with that, my company car went away with it. Neil and I lived off very little, and in some cases even had to put our mortgage and food on credit cards to get by. We bought a $1000 Caravan and although it was a sound vehicle, it was FAR from pretty! I remember we drove to a swanky event in Tampa with a friend, and the headliner was falling down and all these small foamy particles were falling all over our hair and dresses, making it look as if we had major case dandruff! Neil, to be a smart ass Valeted our beat up, dented, multicolored van and asked the gentleman to “please, keep a real good eye on his baby”. LOL Janine and I were laughing, and continued to brush all the “van remnants” off each other walking past all the high end Mercedes and BMWs as we walked into the party. The van wasn't pretty, but it was functional, we OWNED it and just made the best of what it was

Since then, we have sold our cars and upgraded bit by bit, always paying CASH for the next one. Lately, I haven’t even had my own car. Ive been borrowing a car off Neil’s lot, often having to switch out 2-3 times a week. With a family of five and running kiddos around, that gets old REALLY quick.

I decided it was time to get a car just for ME. One that I could call my very own and “move in to”. Not one that was leased, financed or borrowed from the lot, but was truly OWNED. Deep down I really wanted, for the first time in my life, a very comfortable luxury car, one that represented my personal sense of style. Throughout my entire life, a car like this would have been way too extravagant for my basic needs and far too expensive to pay cash.

Neil bought this Audi Q7 yesterday and we paid CASH. Cash, that I earned in 21 days. I sat there last night texting some of my friends and sharing my deeper JOY of what Beachbody has provided us. In the last 2 1/2 years, we now ONLY have our mortgage left to pay off and will continue to live below our means until we have six months of savings. We are following the Dave Ramsey plan and only paying cash for things. We have taken ownership of our past debts and have paid those off. It’s taken a lot of patience, financial responsibility, staying grounded and certainly a committed and consistent work ethic. Buying something “swanky” wasn’t in our financial plan.

This car is a SPLURGE to us as it’s way more luxury than we “need”. But to be able to truly AFFORD her, pay cash and OWN her outright, is such a feeling of REWARD for all the sacrifices we have made over the last five years. No one can take that or her away

I pondered for hours on what to name her as I wanted something Beachbody-ish since it’s this company that has afforded me a life Ive never had. I decided on “Isabelle”. Because, if it wasn’t for that truly brilliant lady and her vision, I would not be nearly as passionate about the products, as I am. I thank Isabelle’s visions for allowing me the opportunity to promote nutritional products I believe so deeply in, that truly change peoples health and lives. She represents quality and integrity and my personal niche’

This weekend, we will be driving Isabelle to Miami to celebrate my dear friend that is retiring from her partnership at the law firm where she has worked for the past eight years, to become a full time Beachbody Coach. The Beachbody blessings don’t stop with me.

They are everywhere.

Thank you, my Beachbody family, the Refinery, my friends, my mom and my husband for the blessings and quality of life you have given <3