Beachbody Gave me Financial Freedom! Dave Ramsey would be PROUD. I'm going to share something very personal with you. It's one of those "things" people just don't bring up. Many people don't know that just three short years ago, I was living off of $250/ week unemployment checks. Not very much for a family of FIVE....

In April 2009 I was laid of from my six figure income Pharmaceutical job while I was pregnant. After my son was born in November, money was VERY tight from my prenatal medical bills and c-section hospital procedure and stay. With that, we still owed our (previous six figure income) mortgage and bills. Neil was earning less than 1,000 a month since the car industry was also victim to the economy and banks not loaning money to customers. 100% commission off of ZERO sales is still, ZERO. We desperately knew things had to change. We decided for Neil to start his own car lot, but we had NO capital to get started. We didnt qualify for a small business loan because our debt to income ratio was too high. I did however have several zero balance credit cards that we maxed out to "make it work". For several months we put our mortgage on what little credit that was still available. I also had a rental house. This same year, it went unrented and had repairs totalling several THOUSAND dollars. It truly was (and still is) a money pit. But the timing couldn't have been worse as it just compounded our finally problems. Trust me, I seriously considered letting it go to foreclosure MANY times. It was a poor investment, that was creating even more debt and problems than I care to share. We went no where, lived very LEAN and maxed out every credit option we could to keep our heads above water. If you have ever felt like you have NO IDEA how you are going to find money to pay for necessities, you know it causes fights, stress and many sleepless nights.

This is the LAST bit of all the credit cards we owe. This particular credit card has been maxed out at $12,000 for a very long time. For the last 3 years we paid the minimum balance or did the credit card "shuffle" from one to another to avoid interest for another few months. We never really got anywhere with the balance. It just sat there GLARING at me every month requiring a payment that I didnt have. People suggested we file for bankruptcy or at least let the rental house go in foreclosure. I mean, at the time, everyone seemed to be doing it. But if you know me well, you know Im pretty darn stubborn. I refused to let my debt "go" or file bankruptcy and contribute to the worsening economy. No, I was going to FIX this myself. As bad and as tight as things were, I owned my financial situation and was determined to fix it, eventually. Up until THREE short months ago, even though we had made some head way on this card, we still owed $10,299. I LIVE by Dave Ramsey's philosophy and have been diligently working his plan for the past three years with what little resources I had. To this day, my house has stained carpet and needs to be replaced, we have no fancy upgrades, fixtures or furniture. My car is modest, but paid for. Did it bum me out when I saw others remodeling their homes with hardwood floors and granite countertops? Or buying swanky new cars? Hell YES! But I I was on a financial MISSION and becoming debt free was MORE important. What mattered was us sleeping soundly at night.

Im ECSTATIC to say that ...TODAY...because of Beachbody, our own determination, sacrifice and focus, Neil's business sense and most of all, my AMAZING TEAM of Refinery coaches, we made that VERY LAST CREDIT CARD PAYMENT!!! With the exception of our mortgage, we are now COMPLETELY DEBT FREE! I cant begin to tell you how LIBERATED and ACCOMPLISHED I feel right now! It's been a very long and tedious journey. I DESPERATELY want this feeling for everyone on my team. Its what DRIVES me every day to help THEM. Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, thank YOU for creating Beachbody and for giving US this brilliant opportunity to finally experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM! You guys ROCK! THANK YOU!!!

Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom
Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom