Beachbody is not like other Direct Sales Companies

Direct sales companies are becoming more mainstream.  As more people are realizing the lifestyle and income opportunities that are uniquely available compared to other industries.  If you are over the age of 40, you may have recalled the your parents or others, negatively sharing their thoughts about Amway.  Many people failed or dumped a bunch of money into it and saw little return.  They may also have had negative memories of having to carry a ton of inventory and attend "parties".  A lot of that has changed in the past 10 years.  I see changes as the new and improved generation of network marketing companies evolve.  I'm not here to share the differences between old and new generation companies.  If you are reading this, you already know the differences and may be "shopping" around to see which one is the best company for YOU.  I've been with Beachbody nearly five years and am a top producer in the company.  I've sponsored many people on my team that have come from OTHER companies and they have shared the differences they see and appreciate with Beachbody.

No Home Parties

This was one of my own biggest perceptions that held me back from joining.  I assumed direct sales meant doing these dreaded "home parties" which felt more like "home sales pitches".  I always felt obligated to go, or buy.  I didn't ever want others to feel that way too.    Some companies have you commit to hosting so many a month.  Then you have the task of putting together a guest list based on which of your friends is employed, has money to spend and is likely to spend it on the next must-have kitchen tool, candle or jewelry item. If three of them are willing to host a show it is a bonus.  Your friends know the routine and know if they collectively spend enough, you will earn free product and the host gift of the month.  It is usually somewhat uncomfortable for everyone.   Beachbody is different.  I have never done a traditional direct sales home party.  What I "have" done that has been natural and organic is invite a friend over to workout with me :-)  Or, when I have had friends over in general, not related to Beachbody, I serve dishes from the recipes of the fitness meal plans or detoxes.  People always comment on how GREAT the food and and I share that I made it from one of our nutrition programs.  I once invited a bunch of friends over to try a newly released workout with me.  It was pretty darn fun having 20 girls on my driveway all high living, sweating and feeling great after the workout.  Endorphins + fun + girl power = now THAT is a party I feel good about offering and paying forward to others<3

 It is a Lifestyle

Beachbody is the number one home health and fitness company in the world.   Beachbody offers over 50 at home fitness programs for all levels.  Beachbody also offers nutritional supplements similar to an online health story.  The difference with Beachbody compared to other companies both in health and kitchen ware, is Beachbody focuses more on a LIFESTYLE.  Each complete program has a comprehensive meal plan, a series of workouts and a nutrient dense-whole food shake. This lifestyle can lead to a rewarding career.   Your visible changes are the best tool you have to launch a new career.  As you transform your health, people notice and inquire what you are doing.  No matter where you are on your fitness journey, YOU are your own walking billboard for the lifestyle changes you are making (or have made).  When people ask, you share what you are doing and have learned.  You make suggestions to them, and when they buy from you, you earn income.  Each step of the way you are helping people to become healthier. As they become healthier, their friends will want to do what they are doing too.  Paying a healthy lifestyle forward creates a ripple effect that helps everyone have more energy, feel better in their clothes and not need the doctor.   It is a win/win approach for everyone.


Similar to make up direct sales where you do not have to be a professional make up artist, with Beachbody you do not have to be a trainer or nutritionist.  Simply put, thats the job of the celebrity trainer designed workouts and nutritional research and development team come in.  They are the ones doing all the complicated stuff.  The beauty behind that is we all simply follow what they say to get our results.  As a Beachbody coach, you are helping customers figure out which program is best for them.  It's not our job to create and design it.  As a coach, you are helping your customers find what the best package is for them and supporting them through it.

You CAN however, become certified as a trainer in most of the programs.  With that certification you can teach LIVE classes anywhere without the aide of a DVD to follow.  I have not chosen to do this but many have and it has become a great way to reach more people and gain exposure.  How cool is THAT?!

Brand Recognition

Beachbody was an infomercial company years before it became a direct sales company.  Most direct sales companies are designed as a network company from day one.  Beachbody fitness infomercials consistently hold many of the top 10 spots in the infomercial rankings.  That constant advertising drives BRAND AWARENESS right into the homes of the American people.  People may not know "Beachbody" or "Shakeology", but you mention P90x, Insanity or 21 day Fix and chances are they will nod and know what brand you are referring to.  That is a HUGE benefit with Beachbody compared to other companies where the brand relies on paid celebrity endorsements or word of mouth.  Our products are a household name.  In addition, when a customer calls and buys from that informercial, they get put in a lead wheel and randomly assigned to the coaches that qualify for the free customer lead. SWEET!

Income and Overhead

Initial.  Sustainable.






Multiple Business Centers

Another big difference is in the compensation.  Most direct sales companies allow you to have one business center, while Beachbody allows you two.  It is what Beachbody calls multiple coach business center downlines.  When you reach the rank of a Two Star Diamond Coach, you can request to open a second business center along your down line, which will help you increase your earning potential.