Beachbody and Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I get the question often regarding my Institute for Integrative Nutrition certification and how I incorporate my nutrition certification with Beachbody and this is my response...

I guess it all depends on your intentions :-).  For me, I wanted to learn more about nutrition for my own personal benefit. The integration part where IIN teaches you to build your Health Coaching  business was really good for my BeachBody business.  Some content wasn't new, but some was and I got a lot of great perspectives that I teach my customers.

There are other nutrition courses online that many personal trainers do, that are cheaper and shorter.   I personally didn't feel they taught what I believed in as far as food quality.  It was more a basic study of just micros and macros.  My intentions were to truly learn about nutrition.

IIN specializes in HOLISTIC food beliefs and you will study many different food "lifestyles".   I loved that it showed many different ways to get results.  It also focuses on running a business and finding new customers.  Most of that I had already learned through my Beachbody family of coaches. I truthfully don't know many financially successful health coaches out there.  I personally know many six figure earning Beachbody coaches. I don't really market myself solely for my services, like many health coaches.  As a health coach, you sell your time but have no tangible products to offer your clients.  I see BeachBody providing me with actual tools to offer people with Shakeology (also a holistic health approach) and the programs that help in the process, which gives me a benefit over other health coaches.  I use my certification and nutrition knowledge to attract a certain audience for my BB business with more credibility than just a "coach".  I also have the opportunity to earn residual income with Beachbody, where as with health coaching, you are on your own.

INN is about a 6-8 hour/ week commitment for a year.  You could totally do more and get more out of it, but I was also juggling trying to build and develop my Beachbody team, so that was about the max I could give it per week.

I use both together and wouldn't want one without the other.  But for me, IIN is an add on to my primary Beachbody business.  Not the other way around.  I suppose it just depends which one you want to put first. :-)

As far as price, it's about $5,000 for IIN and it's a 12 month course.  I paid for it in one lump sum (costing only $4,000) by selling a watch and some gold I was no longer wearing.  But they do have payment plans :-)


Hope that helps!