Artificial Flavors and How they Affect Your Taste Did you know that the majority of us dont actually know what REAL food tastes like?!! We know a foods flavor by what what we THINK it tastes like. How is this possible??? Because the majority of food you buy has ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS added to it to create that "POP" of flavor in your mouth, and keep you coming back for more. Its been DESIGNED that way :-) The result is, we think natural food is "boring and tasteless". When we actually eat something natural our taste buds are underwhelmed and we are bummed. The GOOD news is that you can retrain your taste buds to know what real food tastes like, resulting in more of an appreciation and desire for the real thing. All you have to do is phase out foods with artificial flavors. You may think, "WHO CARES that my food has artificial flavors!!! Im not concerned about knowing what real vanilla or strawberry tastes like!" That's understandable, but maybe some of the health problems RELATED to these artificial flavors may be more of an interest to you. Especially when consumed by your child :-(

Artificial flavor chemicals can cause different allergies and conditions such as hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder in people who are sensitive to specific chemicals. Foods containing these additives can cause asthma, hay fever and certain reactions such as rashes, vomiting, headache, tight chest, hives and worsening of eczema. They may affect RNA, thyroid, and enzymes (affecting RNA can cause tumor growth). Most have NOT been studied for safety or toxicity. They are all synthesized chemicals that don't even have common names. Most artificial flavorings are derived from petroleum and contain many chemical ingredients, not just one. Unfortunately, many of those chemicals are volatile to our health.

Artificial Flavors and How they Affect Your Taste
Artificial Flavors and How they Affect Your Taste

Here's the take-a-way: Its not likely you will be able to eliminate all artificial flavors in your food choices. I don't. But I am way more STRATEGIC and have reduced them significantly in my family's food and drink. And, what makes my life easier as a parent, is that when my children go to bite into a REAL watermelon, they LOVE and appreciate how amazing it tastes

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