The American Dream
The American Dream

The American Dream The “American Dream” is widely understood to mean owning a home. And owning a home is a fine thing and a worthy goal. However, I’ve always understood the “brand” of the United States of America to be just one, perfect word: “Freedom.”

And anyone who’s owned a home knows that often home ownership can feel anything but freeing. There are taxes, home repairs, home-owners insurance... preparing for hurricanes... the list goes on. And if you think you actually ever truly “own” your home, try not paying your property taxes for a few years...

I would like to propose that we re-define the concept of the “American Dream.” In my humble opinion, the American Dream should not consist of acquiring a single asset, a home. The American Dream is about achieving and experiencing FREEDOM. And, in my experience, there is no greater freedom available to a human being than owning their own business. When you own your own business, you control your time, who you work with and you do not work with, and you control your destiny.

You earn as much as you contribute in hard work and time. When you work for someone else, they determine how much you earn, what work or result qualifies for a raise or a bonus, and you have little say over your work schedule or co-workers.

OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS is the American Dream. Because freedom is measurable, and no other vehicle, no other institution affords the same freedom as owning your own business and controlling your own destiny...