Advertising Platforms Social Media is a GREAT thing to have your business work for you 24/7.  But you don't HAVE to build just on Facebook.  I'd suggest picking at least TWO top platforms and really working both.

Instagram:  Picture based.  18-35 demographic.  Make your pictures POP with apps and become savvy with the use of hash tags.  There is an in depth training in the Emerald and above group files.

Google Plus: Great because its similar to FB but ties a lot of your posts into Googles Search Engine.  What you are posting on FB should ALSO go here.

Website or Blog:  This is savvy because its YOU and helps non-social media people find you based on your content and their searches.  You can make it your own style and should other social media avenues die off, you will have your site.  Requires more time and attention, but can last and adapt as your business does without losing content.

You Tube:  Many people search videos before they will search content.  Make sure you have a GREAT description and tags.  (Google can NOT search for words spoken in your video)  Its important if you do videos to keep them 3-5 minutes.  Your better off doing three, 3 min videos than one 9 minute one.  Save questions that people ask you and creat a video answer.  Chances are, others are searching for this same answer.  Be sure the lighting is good (natural is best).  Smile, put the camera slightly above you (Angles upward add 10 years on your face) and speak clearly.  If don't love writing, and speaking is your thing, this may be a great avenue for you.

FACEBOOK:  This does attract more of a broader audience.  It is becoming more of a "pay for ad" kind of thing.  But MOST people have a FB account and is a great place to start.

FB like Page: Same las FB but does have more options to pay for ads and posts.  There is a FB like page training in the Refinery files "New Coaches Start Here"

LinkedIn:  More of  business network.  I still post non-business content here.  But may be a great avenue for finding business coaches.

Pictures that POP:  A picture SELLS a thousand words!  Make sure they are eye catching and have your name or watermark on them!  There are tons of apps and sites that you can use.

PicMonkey:  This is a website I personally love and use to do all my pictures from the web.  They have a free offer and a paid for 9.99/month.

Instafonts:  This is a great app to make your pictures have words and create pizazz!

EMAIL distribution: All of the above may come and go, but an email address usually is the one thing a person keeps long term.. Dont just collect names and numbers, collect their EMAIL!  Start collecting an email list of everyone.  You may want to use to create newsletters one day and by starting your list while its still small, is wise :-)

With ANY platform subscribers, friends or followers is KEY.  You MUST continue to grow this part of your business daily!