I didnt join Beachbody for an entire YEAR after I was first approached. I loved the products, but I couldnt get past the "network marketing" part. Eeek. I had this perception of having to obnoxiously approach strangers in the mall with my "opportunity", make up silly small talk (I LOATHE small talk, btw) and host those goofy home parties (never have been a real fan of those, either) and then ha

nd deliver the products (I didnt want a house full of inventory). How ironic that THAT was my perception and reason for saying "no-thanks" to my close friend. To this very day, Ive never done ANY of those things. Im a product of the product so people naturally approach, ME. I share real inspirational stories of success ♥ I have meaningful conversations with people, daily. I invite friends over to workout WITH me....and they are EXCITED to come. I see people's LIVES change for the better, first hand, everyday. I don't have to drive ANYWHERE. Products are ordered online and mailed directly to my clients. I get to be HOME ♥ I get to choose the character of people I want to work with. Best of all, my husband isnt living his life physically depleted because I am able to contribute financially, so he gets to be home and engaged.....MORE. Funny, how my OWN inaccurate perception held me back for an entire YEAR before finally choosing to live this blessed daily life I have today. ♥ Isnt it ironic?