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Pharma to Farm Series

Welcome to my Pharma to Farm series!

This is my Special "PHARM to FARM" Facebook LIVE, SERIES!

I spent 10 years as a Top Pharmaceutical Sales rep, studying disease, analyzing clinical trials and drug facts, all for the purpose to present and discuss treatment options with specialist physicians. It was a career I took very seriously and was passionate about.

After years in that industry, I had a shift desire to TEACH not doctors, but the patients on how many of these diseases, medications and treatments are preventable through nutrition.

The choice to leave that industry motivated me to complete a year long holistic health coaching certification to best COMPLEMENT my previous career, with my new one.

Due to managed care and heavy patient load, many doctors don't have the TIME to explain these diseases the symptoms they create the way that I can. And they RARELY cover nutritional solutions over prescribing medications.

If you are SICK and TIRED of feeling SICK and tired, then this series is for you!

 I've chosen the topics that come up most often with my own clients. 


Pharma to Farm: About me, How Drugs Work
in the Body

This episode will share why Im so passionate about the effects of food and drugs in our body, and how those drugs work within our body so you are able to understand future episodes, even more…22 min

PHARMA to FARM: Doctors, Pharma, Food
Industry & Congress

This episode explains how big pharmaceutical companies operate and how the food industry, congress and physicians have specific roles with one another…22 min

Pharma to Farm:
 💊 TYPE 2 Diabetes: The Simple Breakdown 💉

Understanding WHAT diabetes actually is, the financial and health expense associated with it, what current medication options are and how they work and what you can ACTIVELY DO to start reversing it…18 min

Pharma to Farm:
🌟 Leaky Gut, Zonulin, Inflammation and Gluten 🌟

Have you wondered why you feel unusually bloated or have mystery symptoms you can't really explain. I'm excited to share my very FIRST series of "Seay Shares" to help you start feeling better and refining your health! ..10 min

Pharma to Farm:  ADHD and Adderall

This episode I share how to reduce or prevent the symptoms of ADHD, the side effects of the medications that treat it (Adderall) for both ADHD and weight loss as well as the natural & holistic options that have health benefits over side effects…21 min

Pharma to Farm: 
Depression, Anxiety and AntiDepressants

In this episode I share the incidence of depression, how the medications work and their side effects and lastly, an underlying cause and solution that may treat chronic depression…21 min


The website and blog does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, it is intended for general consumer understanding and entertainment only. The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. As health and nutrition research continuously evolves, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information presented on this website or blog.



Beachbody Performance Line

Beachbody Performance

I can tell you from firsthand experience that Beachbody Performance Energize and Recover help me get the most out of my workouts. But you probably have some questions about what makes these supplements different from everything else on the market. Well, one of the things that sets them apart is that they were designed by Harvard-trained scientists using cutting-edge ingredients, and are backed by exercise physiology and performance nutrition research. 

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I use this instead of chemically filled Gatoraide's and Poweraides.  Especially for my children.

No matter how good your workout is, at some point you want even more—more energy, better endurance, incredible strength, peak recovery. 

With Beachbody Performance, you get pre-workout energy, during-workout super hydration, post-workout muscle recovery, and first-of-its-kind overnight muscle repair—to turbocharge your workouts and recovery for game-changing results at every fitness level. All with no artificial flavors or colors.






What to Expect and How to prep for 

Week 1 of the Ultimate Reset 

What to buy and what to duplicate.

Your Ultimate Reset GUIDE BOOK is VIRTUAL.  

Now that you have PURCHASED the reset, you can access the book through the RESET Portal.  This quick 2 minute Video shows you how to ACCESS it so you can get started planning while you wait for your kit to arrive.

The 26 minute webinar down below is NOT fancy.  It is a very casual webinar where I answered the most common questions about week ONE of Ultimate reset and what to BUY and how to SIMPLIFY.  Be sure to WATCH that before buying or planning ANYTHING!

Absolutely if you have additional questions, you can reply to this email.

Tips on HOW to get through it:




What to Expect and How to Prep for Week 2  

The 8 minute webinar below is NOT fancy.  It is a very casual webinar where I answered the most common questions about the Ultimate Reset Week Two and what to duplicate and what to buy.  

Absolutely if you have additional questions, you can reply to this email.

**There is NOT a prep for Week three, as it is a very simple meal plan.  However- if you have any questions when looking over the week, feel free to email me!**

My Personal Week Two RECAP!




What IS the Ultimate Reset?


What IS the Ultimate Reset?  

What should I expect and should I do it?

The 26 minute webinar below is NOT fancy.  It is a very casual webinar where I answered the most common questions about the Ultimate reset and what to consider before buying or starting.  Absolutely if you have additional questions, you can reply to this email.

You can read my own client testimonies below, as well as buy the ultimate reset.

If you decide to buy, I will automatically send you my "How to Prep for Your First Week" and "How to Prep for Your Second Week" sharing my short cut tips on what to buy and what to duplicate to make the reset as easy as possible for you!




Breast Implant Illness: Test Your Knowledge!

Back when I first heard about Breast Implant Illness, like most people, I rolled my eyes and didn't think it was a real thing. 
In fact it took several more YEARS of rapidly having my health deteriorate BEFORE I WAS EVEN OPEN to hearing about it. 

Because of that, I realize that there are many who will scroll right by this post, or heck, even unfriend me. 
But this post isnt written for them, maybe just not yet anyway. LOL 
I have found that for every person I probably annoy, I have twice as many private messages re this topic. Many of those messages include at least one these six assumptions. So I thought, I wonder how many others assume this too?

Since sharing my story, I have helped many women FINALLY regain their health... therefore I will continue to educate and spread awareness, in hopes that if you are even a silent sufferer, then you may be able to pinpoint WHY your hormones are off, you have insomnia, your hair is thinning, weight loss is difficult, your lymph nodes are swollen, and your food sensitivities are causing a ton of unexplained bloating, just to name a few. 

I put this little T/F together TO TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE on breast implants. (BTW, I would have totally failed this last year….LOL)

See how YOU do! Each of the explanations is below , so just scroll through 🙂

1) I don't have the same symptoms you did, so I don't have Breast Implant Illness.

2) I have saline, or small implants, so Im safe.

3) Your implant has to rupture to get BII

4) The medical community acknowledges breast Implant Illness.

5) I don't have any I’m good.

6) This is all so ridiculous and all in people's heads.

Breast Implant Illness

1) FALSE. All symptoms are different for everyone depending on your genetic weak points. For example, If you are genetically predisposition for thyroid issues, those will be exacerbated with implants. 

For me it was gut health, neurological and joint pain, insomnia and the last six months prior to explant, my lymph nodes started swelling. 

When I first looked at the list of symptoms a few years ago, I had about 4-5 and dismissed them because I didnt believe in Breast Implant Illness. 

In May 2018, my symptoms had grown to total 30-ish. Here is a list of the most common due to BII. How many of these do you have now? If very few, I suggest saving this and checking back every 6 months to a year to see if they are worse...or more.

BII Symptoms

2) FALSE. Implants are implants. Even if it's not a breast implant, if you have a foreign object inserted into your body...its an implant. 

The difference with breast implants compared to other implants is that they are made from a soft, pliable SILICONE shell. The size or the filling of the implant is mostly irrelevant. There are over 40 known toxins that are released from the silicone casing. Those toxins are released into your bloodstream. 

Additionally, since implants are placed right in your chest cavity and neighboring your vital organs and lymphatic system, the silicone break down has prime real estate to spread through our body. 

Additionally, some brands saline filled implants are prone to mold.

Actual Implants

3) FALSE. Breast Implant Illness is an Inflammatory response by your body to a foreign object. 

Yes- a silicone rupture is very troublesome. From the moment your implants are placed in your body, your body starts to build a capsule around the implant itself to guard it from your body. The capsule can start small symptoms of BII within a few days for some women, while for others it may take years. Know that if you have implants, you have these capsules. 

Even if you have the implant removed, if the capsule is left inside you, you will stay sick. It's vital to have not just the implant, but the capsule removed as well. 

Also, if you have saline filled implants, know that there are certain brands that are very prone to mold, as well. Bottom line, BII is a result of your body's naturally self defense and causes a non-stop inflammatory response as long as the implants are in your body. 

Long term effects of inflammation is what starts to cause the break down of our body's immune system and starts to slowly affect your health. Its not the rupture that makes you sick. Its the capsule and your body's natural inflammatory response to a foreign object.

There are pictures below of the capsules WE ALL HAVE, if you have implants. Red/ yellow eyes are one of the biggest indicators that you body has inflammation. Look at mine in the picture below just 15 hours after surgery.

Explanted breast Implants covered in the capsule the body naturally builds around it to protect and defend us against the "foreign invader". It can be peeled off the implant, like a sausage casing, once explanted.

Explanted Breast Implants

3) Con't with picture....😮 The EYES and FACE...

That’s where you notice the HEALING from BII, first!

When your body isn’t fighting the toxic foreign object inside of you, inflammation goes down and your:

👀Eyes become whiter and brighter

❤️Skin becomes less red & more fresh 

🌸Face becomes less puffy. 

Same lighting and time of day. No make up. No difference in what I ate the night before. 

Just 15 HOURS since getting toxic bags out and my body is already starting to HEAL! It can take up to a year (even two) for total healing but already there’s improvement 🌸🌸🌸

Healing from BII

4) False:
Unfortunately, you will not get help identifying breast implant illness from your doctor and especially not from your plastic surgeon. 

This illness is not acknowledged by the medical community yet. In fact, the medical community clings to the false belief that silicone and breast implants are safe. 

Your plastic surgeon may even deny breast implants cause illness or refute your symptoms in order to avoid liability. Plastic surgery is big business built on silicone and breast implants are their greatest source of revenue. 

Plastic surgeons will refuse to admit that breast implants are unsafe and will actively refute the truth in order to protect their cash cow. Ironically, the medical community will agree that chronic inflammation is the number one cause of disease and that our body has a natural built in inflammatory response to any foreign object. 

Even GI doctors have seen inflammatory capsules built around lap bands they implanted. But when it comes to applying the same logic to breast implants, they dismiss it as absurd. 

This is the first time it's been explained (and shown) HOW and WHY the implant causes so many health issues from a Canadian Chemist on the Canadian FDA board:



Most of us that go through breast implant illness start with gradual symptoms. 

We realize something is OFF but don't know what so we become very strict with our diet, adjust our lifestyle in any way we can to accommodate our ailing health, add supplements, step up exercise and start spending big bucks on our health looking for answers and relief. At first this seems to help but gradually symptoms return and stay and more symptoms come on every year and our health continues to decline. We, with implants, are some of the most vigorous health minded people there are because we have to be in order to function in our daily life. 

When I was most sick, I had to give up everything including my entire health and way of life just to feel somewhat normal.

This is going to sound harsh. But I wish someone had been harsh with me several years ago as it would have saved me so much time, money, guesswork and quality of life.

If you have implants it is not a matter of if you will get sick, it is a matter of when you will get sick, as breast implants cause endocrine disruption and immune system dysfunction and steadily deteriorate in your body from the first day of implantation and silicone particles, toxic and carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals in the silicone damage your body glands, organs and good health processes. 

All types of breast implants can cause illness, none are safe and especially not the cohesive gel implants which contain very aggressive chemicals and heavy metals. 

How do breast implants cause illness? What is silicone toxicity? What are the symptoms of breast implant illness? Please RESEARCH BREAST IMPLANT SYMPTOMS . I had many of these symptoms and women who have breast implant illness have these types of symptoms and perhaps others depending on the progression of the illness and the type of implants they have.

----> Many women suffering from breast implant illness are misdiagnosed with other diseases that have similar symptoms and have been repeatedly told their breast implants are not causing their symptoms. Don’t waste your precious time on misdiagnoses.


And this one was kinda me for a while. While I completely denied Breast Implants Illness was a real thing, my symptoms continued and gradually got worse. 

Is there a placebo effect with some things? Absolutely. 

But you can't deny the scientific effects of toxic exposure and chronic inflammation can cause on ones body. There are THOUSANDS of cases, some of which I know personally, where women's bodies have returned to normal after YEARS of suffering. 

Lymph nodes shrinking, hormone levels normalizing, brain fog lifting, skin disorders clearing up, fibromyalgia going away, sleep being restored, hair growing back….I could go on. When the body no longer is fighting, it can do what it does best…. and start HEALING. 

It can take up to a year for the toxins of implants to rid the body. Specifically in the liver and endocrine glands. 

There are certain detoxes that can help this process. But to say it is in someones head, is denying science. 

When I told Neil it was my implants he was in disbelief. That was HARD. Ladies, listen to your body and your soul. Don't let anyone else have a say in this journey but YOU. I loved my big boobies as much as anyone LOL, but after feeling like shit, gaining a ridiculous amount of weight regardless of my diet or exercise, knowing what they were slowing doing to my body and nothing I did could reverse it, I got to the point where the size of my health meant so much more than the size of my chest. 

It’s ridiculous that NO ONE questions us getting implants when we want them IN, but when we say we want them out and we have to PROVE and CONVINCE people we arent crazy. 

Go freaking figure.



Taking Care of YOU!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”

Isn’t it ironic, People save and work religiously towards a comfortable retirement, yet often neglect the ONE INVESTMENT that really matters to fully enjoy it.

Working Out



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