Looking for Stay at Home CAREER Moms: Are you ready?!

Career stay at home moms are moms that once had a career.  They maybe even have a degree.  They love being at home with their kiddos, involved with the PTA, running the kids around to their events and being the CEO of their home.  But…..

- they MISS being appreciated and rewarded in OTHER ways/  Specifically for accomplishments they achieve outside the home.

- they MISS having their own money.  They feel tired that they had to “explain” or “hide” what they bought at Target because spending outside of the single income family budget causes issues.  Or they wish they had money to buy the “extras” their children desire.

- they MISS having adult interaction out side play dates.  They want to contribute more to a CAUSE that doesn’t involve only their children.

- they MISS the “jam” of working and involved with important projects.

Look- it’s ok to feel that way.  I was THAT mom!   Deep down I felt guilty that I wanted MORE from my days.   I longed to do more than play with Barbie and Trucks.  I felt ANNOYED that I did’t have money for unnecessary purchases.   I felt unappreciated and dismissed because my “job” didn’t matter to others.  To some moms- I totally get that they don’t feel this way, and I applaud that.  But I did…and eventually I had to be honest with ME and admit I wasn’t cut out for that role.  I longed to become a Stay at Home—-> Career Mom!

I am finally living my dream.  I have the benefits of being a stay at home mom, while having a home based online health and fitness career.  As long as I have a mobile phone, I can stay connected to both my children, as well as my clients.  In the last five years since starting my coaching business with Beachbody,  I have become a top producer in my company and a Million Dollar earner.

You CAN have both!  I have a team of stay at home career moms that, like me, are getting the best of both worlds, too!  I have a training in place where you will get all the tools you could possibly need to create a business perfect for you.  The only thing you need to provide is consistency, dedication and passion.

And a perk is that you will get inspired to be in better shape for yourself and improve the health of your entire family with the products!

My next mentorship online training starts soon and I am looking for 5 women with the desire to become Stay at Home CAREER Moms :-)  I am offering you a real opportunity to build a business you’re passionate about with great income while becoming part of a highly creative, stay at home career mom, team!

I will be reviewing applications this week and will accept only 5 for my mentorship!

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