Can Shakeology Reduce My Cholesterol? TRUE STATEMENT: When someone loses weight, most likely their cholesterol will decrease REGARDLESS, because of weight loss.

It can be difficult when someone starts a healthy lifestyle to attribute ONE THING, especially a shake, to cholesterol reductions.

That is why THIS TRANSFORMATION  is so interesting…..

I haven’t shared this publicly, but my step father, Ken, was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in June. Ken is not your average 67 year old Grandpa.

He lifts weights and runs several days a week. He leads an incredibly active lifestyle; he is always moving, lifting, shoveling. He eats really well - mostly organic, home grown veggies from his garden and farm raised proteins. And for the past 4 years has been RELIGIOUSLY drinking his Shakeology everyday. He lives a very healthy lifestyle and does not take statins, or any medications, routinely.

Needless to say, prior to his diagnosis his cholesterol was low, absolutely normal. But one would assume so, right? He lived a healthy lifestyle by design. It SHOULD be!

When he started his radiation treatments this summer, he had to be on a liquid diet. That was a no-brainer as he knew his nutrition of choice was his beloved Chocolate Shakeology. But his plan didn’t go as he hoped. He continued to exercise and eat healthy soups, but the radiation resulted in throat burns to the point that he couldn’t drink his daily Shakeology.

For the first time in four years, he went MONTHS without it. Every time he tried, it would aggravate his throat.

- Over the course of 5 months of treatment and side effects, he LOST——> 35 POUNDS. - He still got exercise every day. - He still ate healthy foods.

On his most recent check up, his cholesterol was HIGHER than it had been recorded in YEARS. How could that be? Nothing changed and he actually LOST 35 pounds, so by scientific logic one would assume his cholesterol would have at least stayed low, or possibly get LOWER with that amount of weight loss.

Stick with me a moment longer......... From an “experiment” standpoint, the ONLY VARIABLE that changed from his usual lifestyle was the ABSENCE of his daily Shakeology. It was the first time in four years he went without it.

I am in no position to CLAIM that is was 100% the ingredients in Shakeology that reduced his cholesterol. Even though many of Shakeology’s natural ingredients have been known to reduce cholesterol like, Sacha Inchi, Wheat Grass, Yacon Root, and Reishi Mushroom.

Ken’s experience goes to show that there could be more to cholesterol reductions with Shakeology, and it isn't just related to weight loss. Who knows, his cholesterol increase in Shakeos absence could be totally RANDOM, too. But I don’t believe so.

Now that his treatments are over and he is CANCER FREE, << Insert a big CLAP for him !>> he is back on his daily shake and we will see what his next six month check up brings.

I’m betting on his cholesterol going back down again