Seay and Neil Stanford: Real Couple Struggles The past eight weeks have NOT been easy on our marriage. Neil Stanford and I have been in "Function Mode" between packing, moving, unpacking, holidays, redecorating, fixing broken appliances, house guests, three children and running a business.

It's felt like we were just running from errand to errand and managing our as lives without really living IN IT. Super busy times like this is when we get on each others nerves THE MOST. Everything becomes heightened, including those little personality and behavior imperfections that can become SOOOO ANNOYING that the connection begins to fade and resentment takes it's place.

We have weathered a lot the past eight weeks and I'm happy to say that so much stress (albeit good stress) is behind us so that now we can focus on... just US.

Because we NEED to.

Loving each other, appreciating each other, feeling and most of all connecting with each other again. Marriages aren't easy. They aren't perfect. When life pulls you away from your partner nothing you are CREATING really matters at the expense of your relationship. I know for me, I have to learn that just because I CAN accomplish something, doesnt mean I SHOULD and knowing when to say enough without driving the people in my house crazy.

To all of you couples approaching Valentines day, truly stop, show gratitude towards the GOOD in your partner, and BE PRESENT with the person you love