310 Shake vs Shakeology® by Beachbody

Finding a meal replacement shake that is nutritious and better than the junk you are replacing it with is a challenge. So many products on the market utilize additives and artificial ingredients, because they are cheap and easily accessible. Companies often use vague descriptions as they list their ingredients and fail to provide proper quality control over their products. That's why I'm a fan of Shakeology.

But, lately I've heard quite a bit of chatter about the 310 Shake, so I decided to check it out. At first glance, I noticed that users are instructed to drink it twice a day for optimal results. It's marketed as a weight loss shake, while Shakeology is used for nutrition, along with weight loss and other purposes. Beachbody recommends drinking Shakeology once daily.

With this knowledge, I started to dig for the dirt on it. Most products contain artificial flavors, colors and sugars that are known to be detrimental to your health, in addition to a slug of other ingredients that are full-on questionable when seeking proper nutrition.

And, while the 310 Shake doesn't have nearly the level of vitamins, nutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens, or enzymes that Shakeology does, it doesn't appear to have any of that bad stuff I was suspicious of. Check out their ingredients list and compare them side by side for how they measure up against one another.

At nearly $2.50 per serving for standard orders of 310 Shake, I'm convinced that the extra vitamins and nutrients I receive from drinking Shakeology are well worth paying an extra $1.50 for. For anyone drinking the 310 Shake, to ensure that extra boost of nutrition, I'd recommend taking a multivitamin to fill in the gaps. But, guess what!?!? I don't have to worry about that when I drink Shakeology!

One might think my evaluation of the 310 Shake stops there -- but, it doesn't! Beyond the stats and the generalities about any shake, I have to suggest that you look for added value. When you order the 310 Shake, you're on your own to figure out how to lose that weight or maintain your fitness/nutrition. There are a TON of supplements from 310 (which have questionable and suspicious ingredients in them), but there aren't meal plans, fitness videos or anything else to assist your efforts.

Added Value

When you order Shakeology from a Beachbody coach, you get the opportunity to interact with a real, live person who has been there and done that. They have real-world ideas to help you grind through your workouts, stay on track with your nutrition and set achievable goals. They motivate you and praise you. They, sometimes, tell you to get off your lazy booty, when needed! But, the 310 Shake doesn't include this service. This added value makes it even more beneficial when you're trying to shed some pounds or tone up, especially when you don't know where to start.

Instructions on a shake packet only go so far to guide you to better eating and a healthier lifestyle. Sure, you can drink a couple of 310 shakes a day and lose a few pounds. But, you're not learning how to adjust your life for proper portions, better nutrition or improved fitness.