28 Day Challenge Group Commitment Letter & What to Expect THE  CHALLENGE COMMITMENTS

1) I WILL FOLLOW THE PROGRAM -- Do the entire 28 days as suggested, including workouts, beginning photos and measurements, the fit test, and nutrition based on the program guide.

2) I WILL DRINK SHAKEOLOGY ONCE A DAY --this is a much needed investment into my health and I am committed to doing this for the entire 28 days.

3) I WILL POSITIVELY ENGAGE WITH THE SMALL GROUP - We all hold a valuable spot in this team, and we need all of us to do our part, to help, encourage, challenge, and praise each other on facebook and one on one via messages and phone.

4) I WILL NOT OVERTRAIN -- For the next 28 days I will focus all of my exercise efforts on this program and not overtrain my body by adding additional workouts I WILL SHARE MY ACTIVITY - I will report Daily to the Challenge group page upon completion of my workout, and I will share how my eating was for that day.

5) I WILL SHARE MY PHYSICAL RESULTS -- I will begin by sharing my results with this small group and others who may ask me. The more I share the more I give inspiration and gather support.

6) I WILL SHARE MY EMOTIONAL AND SOCIAL RESULTS - Along the way you will experience "life changes" on more than just a physical level. It's important that you share your emotional and social results within this small group. Chances are, others in the group are facing or have faced the same things.

7) TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER I WILL FINISH - I am making a 28 day commitment, and I am holding a valuable spot this team of challengers. It is my duty to myself and others to COMMIT to these 28 days!


I WILL PAY IT FORWARD -- The change begins with me, and along the path there may be others who ask, who need, or who want to know about what I am doing. I am committed to paying it forward as the opportunity arises. I can pay it forward by referring them to the challenge organizer, or by joining the team of coaches who organize challenges for others.

What each day looks like:

What "DAILY DEVELOPMENT" will you get? Development isn't just about a physical change. Its about becoming stronger mentally, physically and intellectually. There will be three posts a day (I as the admin will be the only one that can post, but YOU will be able to leave your comments in the post itself).

The posts will include:

Morning Post:  Daily Fun Assignment (comment in the post itself)

Afternoon Post: Specific Recipes for fat burning and weight loss, Inspirational and Motivational Posts, Clean Eating and Label Reading Lessons, Fitness Tips

Evening Post:  Daily Accountability You will post your workout selfies, rate your day on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the best) on your food, water intake, exercise, and yes or no on your shakeology.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF!!!  Let's us know a little bit about you!!  You can type or video post in the comment section on FACEBOOK and share:

Your Name

Where you are from

What is important to you and

Why you joined the group :-)


Additionally, we will host an optional  "ZOOM" call some Sunday nights. Live interaction is sometimes WAY more motivating than internet post-interaction. Get the free "Zoom" application for your phone and join in on the live call.   This isn't mandatory, its just another free service I provide to help keep you motivated!

If all sounds GREAT and you are ready to participate and fully Refine Your Body and COMMIT, then comment below as your "signature".

Congratulations!!!  Once you have signed and have your workout and Shakeology Packets, you will be added to the private Facebook COMMIT group.

I have reviewed all the group FILES and I understand that this is my journey and even though Seay has given me the resources, I must do the work.

Signature: ________________________________ Date: _______________


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