Welcome to my Pharma to Farm series!

This is my Special "PHARM to FARM" Facebook LIVE, SERIES!

I spent 10 years as a Top Pharmaceutical Sales rep, studying disease, analyzing clinical trials and drug facts, all for the purpose to present and discuss treatment options with specialist physicians. It was a career I took very seriously and was passionate about.

After years in that industry, I had a shift desire to TEACH not doctors, but the patients on how many of these diseases, medications and treatments are preventable through nutrition.

The choice to leave that industry motivated me to complete a year long holistic health coaching certification to best COMPLEMENT my previous career, with my new one.

Due to managed care and heavy patient load, many doctors don't have the TIME to explain these diseases the symptoms they create the way that I can. And they RARELY cover nutritional solutions over prescribing medications.

If you are SICK and TIRED of feeling SICK and tired, then this series is for you!

 I've chosen the topics that come up most often with my own clients. 


Pharma to Farm: About me, How Drugs Work
in the Body

This episode will share why Im so passionate about the effects of food and drugs in our body, and how those drugs work within our body so you are able to understand future episodes, even more…22 min

PHARMA to FARM: Doctors, Pharma, Food
Industry & Congress

This episode explains how big pharmaceutical companies operate and how the food industry, congress and physicians have specific roles with one another…22 min

Pharma to Farm:
 💊 TYPE 2 Diabetes: The Simple Breakdown 💉

Understanding WHAT diabetes actually is, the financial and health expense associated with it, what current medication options are and how they work and what you can ACTIVELY DO to start reversing it…18 min

Pharma to Farm:
🌟 Leaky Gut, Zonulin, Inflammation and Gluten 🌟

Have you wondered why you feel unusually bloated or have mystery symptoms you can't really explain. I'm excited to share my very FIRST series of "Seay Shares" to help you start feeling better and refining your health! ..10 min

Pharma to Farm:  ADHD and Adderall

This episode I share how to reduce or prevent the symptoms of ADHD, the side effects of the medications that treat it (Adderall) for both ADHD and weight loss as well as the natural & holistic options that have health benefits over side effects…21 min

Pharma to Farm: 
Depression, Anxiety and AntiDepressants

In this episode I share the incidence of depression, how the medications work and their side effects and lastly, an underlying cause and solution that may treat chronic depression…21 min


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