Why are so many COACHES being diagnosed with autoimmune and gut health issues?

1) it SEEMS like more coaches are “getting it” because we are the majority SPEAKING to it on social. A bunch of my neighbors have it and have never even heard of Beachbody. Our job is to be vocal while the average person suffers in private. So our voice is “lounder” but that doesnt correlate to actually being more prevelant . 

2) we, in this group and the round table are 5* and above coaches. We are wired to PUSH. Many of us are type A and drive ourselves into exhaustion while the rest of the non high achievers rest. Our personalities are more prone to high cortisol levels and a cascade of other ailments bk we don’t stop until our body crashes on us. That level of stress all the time wrecks your hormones. 

3) healthy people are more aware of their body and small changes. Someone who is a train wreck, EVERYTHING hurts or is off so it’s all just a big blur when it comes to warning signs. People that are healthy notice even the slightest change in their body. So we are primed to naturally dig and explore for our own answers more and sooner than the average person. Then of course, we TALK, about it. LOL

And 4) because I have to go here. We (andmost health and fitness minded folks) are more vain than the average household person both in body image and for social / biz image. Many of us opt for implants (and Botox, and what ever else) to enhance what fitness cant. 
Implants can cause more of an inflammatory response, gut issues, food sensitivities and autoimmune type symptoms than any nightshade, shake or bean. I’ve been on an exhausting journey trying to diagnose my mystery illness, excessive weight gain, chronic inflammation and pain and AI-type symptoms for FOUR years. I refused to think it was my implants. Funny now, at almost 46 years old, and 9 weeks post op from breast explant surgery, nearly ALL of my symptoms have gone away. I spent years of elimination diets, detoxes and remedies but it was my IMPLANTS causing and exacerbating the health issues i was already genetically predisposed to. 


Sorry so long but I’ve heard this question in FB groups and thought it was one that was deserving of some perspective to consider. 😊