Let's Chat a Bit More about Breast Implant Illness, Shall We?

Since sharing about my own bout with Breast Implant Illness I’ve had dozens of women reach out to me privately with questions.  

While I don’t have all the answers, and can’t guarantee vitality for you if you have them removed, I will say, those nasty suckers certainly aren’t doing your health any favors.   They are a ticking time bomb where you will eventually...notice odd changes in your health.


Simply put, they are foreign objects that can cause an inflammatory and immune response in your body.  For each person that reaction can manifest differently based on your DNA, what you are pre-dispositioned to already and your lifestyle.  (ie: your body’s weakest points)

For me, it was my gut health.  For others, it can be autoimmune-type symptoms.  The sneaky thing is, the symptoms are random so you kinda brush them off or take a pill to make them “go away”.  


I girl asked me last night when exactly does the illness start to happen?  There’s no time table. Again, it depends on many personal variables. Ive seen women that (allegedly) never had any symptoms, to many years later,  to just a few weeks after implant surgery. Again, it just depends.


Another girl asked if she was ok- because she had saline filled.  No. The shell of the implant is still...SILICONE. The problem is that silicone can slowly leach its toxins into our vital organs, which aren’t very far since they are stuffed front and center in our chest cavity.  This leaching process can happen even more so when heated, like in hot tubs, saunas or hot showers.


While the majority of western civilization medical doctors will deny (or at least won’t admit) that BII is a real thing, especially plastic surgeons, many Eastern medicine, or naturopaths, will.  I have found this article below, by Dr Axe very helpful in explaining BII and its symptoms, in layman's terms.


Whether you may have BII, or something else, I hope you find your answers and wish you improved health and healing. XO Seay