🚨GUT CHECK FOLKS--> How many of you always PROBIOTIC after you ANTIBIOTIC? 

Nothing will destroy your gut biome more than a course of antibiotics and RARELY will doctors stress the importance of probiotics after treatment. ☠️

🤷🏼‍♀️Why is this so important? Because the state of your GUT dictates the state of your entire HEATH. 🥀🍂

🛑You probably have POOR gut health if you often have:
- Low energy😴
- Bloating, Diarrhea & gas💨💩
- Sugar Cravings 🍫
- Bad Breath 😷
- Food Sensitivies 🤐
- Anxiety, Depression 🤭
- Skin problems like Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Acne♨️
- Diabetes🌡
- Frequent Sickness or stay sick 🤧

💊💊I've been on TWO courses of Antibiotics since my breast implant removal surgery 5 weeks ago. 
My gut health is already a MESS from the breast implant toxicity (very common if you have implants by the way), but with antibiotics on TOP of that- my gut needs some really good fertilizer! 🌱

🌸This probiotic shake I make not only has one of the HIGHEST quality of probiotics on the market to restore my health, but it also tastes like a chocolate dessert! 🍩- WIN WIN!

😊If you've not actively restored your gut the past few months, especially if you've been on antibiotics, or if the above symptoms are frequent for you, I strongly suggest trying my digestive/probiotic shake concoction for 30 days straight as a healthy kick start.📈

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