For the first 38 years of my life if you’d said HEALTH, I assumed you were talking about WEIGHT. They were the same thing. But, in January 2011, after finding a quarter sized tumor in my right breast, at 110 pounds, my weight didn’t matter to me….my LIFE did.

I’d spent my entire life trying to figure out ways to “cheat” my way to being thin. Diet pills, fad diets, drinks, juices, wraps, hours of exercise, extreme calorie cutting and “safe” pharmaceutical weight loss promises. Never did I question safety if something would have helped me lose weight. 

After surgery, I had a two week wait to find if my tumor was benign or malignant. I had nothing but anxiety and time to burn, so I dove into what I felt gave me control, and that was…. research. I wanted to know WHY this happened. I mean, I ate healthy (or so I thought). What I learned after hundreds of hours of internet searching and reading medical clinicals was shocking. The effects of my most recent weight loss tool, HCG injections, I believe, caused this tumor. My enlightenment continued. I had subsequently also learned about the health causes and effects of many foods, chemicals and additives that I had been consuming for the past 38 years.

On my knees one night after my three children and Neil went to bed, I prayed. I was finally happy with my life, and feared He was going to take it all away from me. I felt angry, I felt despair. I begged and cried to God, to PLEASE let this tumor be benign. If He would do that, I promised I’d turn this experience into my life mission to educate others on the effects of food and chemical choices has on ones health.

Two very long and exhausting weeks later, I learned that the huge tumor, was benign. 
I was committed to fulfill my promise to Him, I just wasn’t sure HOW. But, there were God winks all along the way, I just hadn’t noticed them before.

Six months later, in 2011 I joined Beachbody, specifically for it’s product, Shakeology, because I had mad respect for the quality of ingredients it had and how those ingredients have been used for thousands of years to promote health and reduce disease. It made sense as a convenient way to promote and preserve, health.

In 2013, after 13 months of school, I became certified in holistic nutrition. I learned about which foods can heal the body and what chemicals break it down. I learned how to reduce inflammation and disease while also the importance of restoring gut health. I also finally understood why all this chemical crap and “frankenfoods” are approved “safe” for consumption by our very own governments FDA, USDA and major health organizations.

What’s ironic, is I spent 10 years in a career as an executive pharmaceutical sales rep, calling on specialist physicians promoting drugs designed to keep people sick. How ironic that now, I was on the front of of disease prevention instead of the back end of treating disease symptoms.

I’m not a purest, or orthorexic, by any means, although I do pay extra for quality foods and choose quality restaurants. I don’t judge people for where they are and what they buy because I was there one time, too. I would still be there “rolling my eyes at the ridiculousness of it all” had it not been for what I’d been through, at 38 years old.

I value the benefits of a plant based diet, although only live by it 80% of the time. Hey- I still love hot chicken wings and cheeseburgers too much..LOL. I do feel strongly about the negative effects of soy on our thyroid and increased estrogen levels, as well as the negative effects of artificial sweeteners. I’m always asking questions and learning, because I do believe we have to be our own health advocates, because sadly, our media and government are 100% controlled by lobbyists.

Most recently I’ve been learning about food sensitivities, our hormones and weight loss resistance.

I believe everything happens in life to teach us something or show us the way. Because of my experience, I no longer look at HEALTHY and FIT- as synonymous. I now know you can appear super fit and be the sickest person in the room, on the INSIDE.

At 46 years old, “Refining Your Health” to me means, being happy and healthy from the inside out, having energy, creating a body environment that moves more towards health more than towards disease, each and every day.

My mission (and promise) is to teach anyone (that is ready to hear) what I’ve learned, even if in small lessons, how to live with less drugs, less sickness and less pain, and more energy, movement and vibrancy.

Not everyone will want to hear my message, I know, but it doesn’t mean I will ever stop trying <3